Palestinian pastor visits Israeli families living under Hamas rocket fire

Pastor Steven Khoury shows love to Israeli families by doing house visits, against the odds. (PHOTO: Israel Today – SEE VIDEO CLIP at end of this report)

Originally published in Israel Today

Pastor Steven Khoury of Holy Land Missions demonstrated a true Christian response to the Gaza war last week by seeking fellowship with and expressing love toward those who, as an Arab, should be his enemies.

Khoury, who has done much work with the Christians of Gaza, and recently called for prayer for the tiny and trapped Christian community there, decided to visit Israeli families living under constant rocket fire from the Hamas-ruled coastal enclave.

“We have been preaching [about] what should our voice be, what should we be saying as [Arab] Christians,” Khoury told one Israeli family. “We are teaching them that they are Christians before they are Arabs. …When you become a Christian, you are a believer first, Kingdom first, and then you’re and Israeli or an Arab or a European.”

Khoury told another Israeli family that he wants Arab Christians to consider first and foremost what Yeshua says, and in response to change their approach to the conflict.

The mother of a third Israeli family was shocked when she realized Khoury was an Arab coming into her house and speaking in this way, demonstrating love. “We have many Arabs in our church that love you and support you,” Khoury told his Israeli host.

Khoury also distributed small donations collected from Arab Christians for the Israeli families living under Hamas rocket fire. As a result, he reported that two of the Israeli families “came to a Christian church to meet the God that would cause an Arab to support and pray with them.”

Watch the heart-warming video of Khoury’s visit to Israel’s front-line communities:

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  1. This testimony reminds me of what God`s greatest desire is – to love Him with everything I am, and to love my neighbor. Only then I can truly love myself and be at peace with myself. And to love my enemies, desiring for them, and praying for them to meet Christ as their Savior….even if they are Hamas and ISIS!