Potjie en Pelle will minister to inner man at Karoo Mighty Men

Somerset East farmer Andries Botha with his super potjie that can deliver 2 000 servings.

The Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC) 2012 will have a unique flavour as men have the rare opportunity to enjoy sharing a ‘potjiekos’ meal cooked in a pot big enough to feed 2 000 people.

“We plan to have a mass “potjiekos” meal for everyone attending on Saturday 28th April, which we are calling ‘Potjiekos en Pêlle’,” says Dave Turner, one of the local organisers of the KMMC.

“The name is apt as it describes the fantastic time of fellowship and food to be had while standing round the pots and sharing a wonderful meal together with new and old friends.

“It is our hope that the ‘Potjiekos en Pêlle’ will facilitate a genuine time of Christian fellowship where people are able to make new friends, share testimonies, encourage one another, minister to one another, pray for one another, break bread together, and even swop potjie recipes.”

Karoo farmer Andries Botha, who spoke at last year’s KMMC and will again bring God’s Word to the 2012 conference, is bringing the giant potjie-pot-for-2 000, which became central to a tradition of sharing a meal during an annual celebration of Reconciliation Day by farmers and farm workers on his farm near Somerset East.

Turner says at the Shalom Mighty Men Conferences Angus Buchan always encouraged ministry and counselling to happen as men had fellowship in the campsite, during meals or wherever they were. 

The fires and the preparation of the “potjiekos” will begin immediately after the Saturday morning session sometime before midday.  The “potjies” will cook all afternoon and then simmer during the evening session (starting at 5:00 pm) so that the meal can be enjoyed immediately after the session. 

The “potjies” will be positioned near the stage, but beyond the seating area so that everyone can still see and hear anything happening on the stage.

“While Middelburg farmers will provide the meat and wood, we are looking for a few hundred men who have potjies and who would be willing to provide the rest of the contents, their expertise, and cook the potjies on the day,” says Turner.

So here’s your invite to the biggest meal you may have ever been to, if you have a “potjie”, or know some-one who has one, and you would like to participate in the ‘Potjiekos en Pêlle’, please let Ruthi know as soon as possible at 049-8421384, 0799473566 or info@karoommc.co.za.

For more information visit the KMMC website at www.karoommc.co.za or Facebook page at Karoo Mighty Men Conference.