Producer helping struggling schoolboy pursue his gospel music dreams

Siya performing his song ‘Great Are You God’.

Siya has suffered considerable loss, depression, physical deformity, and shame – but it has not stopped the Durban Grade 11 schoolboy from dreaming of becoming a gospel artist.

And now he is being given a chance to pursue his goal, thanks to an independent music producer with a God-given calling to help young people discover and develop their talents.

Ian Roberts, founder of GMG (God, Music, Glory) Records, first spotted Siya singing in a school audition. He believes Siya has an anointing to sing and he was so moved by his humility that he started a crowdfunding project on ThundaFund to help him record a gospel EP.

Siya, said he nearly didn’t enter the school audition because he was ashamed of his appearance. He has bowed legs as a result of a vitamin deficiency. He lost both his parents when he was very young and became severely depressed, and gained excessive weight. With the onset of bowed legs he experienced much pain and could not walk without help. Since being taken in by an aunt in Sydenham he lost much weight and can walk unaided.

He said he was glad he overcame his hesitation about entering the audition.

“Ian wanted to help me and saw something in me. He encouraged me to pursue my dream of being a musician through my praise and worship.

“Ian said that I must believe in myself and asked me to write any story about my life and my testimony and what I went through.That’s when I wrote the song Great Are You God which will feature on the upcoming EP,” he said.

Roberts said: “I felt sorry for him in his situation and his humility was what led me to help him.”

He said Siya just needed someone to believe in him. He wanted Siya to become an example to youth struggling or facing similar situations, showing that if God could do it for Siya he could do it for any of them.

He said they aimed to feature seven songs on the EP. The song Great Are You God was already recorded and is available on iTunes.

Siya said he wanted to inspire young people to believe that anything is possible through Christ.

Roberts endorsed Siya’s view, saying: “The youth don’t have to compromise or become like the world to be a success. Trust in the Lord.

“If you use your name for success, it will be short-lived. The greatest thing they [youth] can use their gift for, is for the glory of God. That benefit will outweigh temporary gain.

“Fame is an empty lie. Take what God has given you and use it for Gods glory.”


  1. Awesome and amazing stuff keep up the good work

  2. God has an Amazing way to divinely Connect u and orchestrate divine set ups..Powerful story of Divine Intervention..
    We need to be encouraged by more of these stories..

  3. Karine Julie from paris - France

    Woow a lesson for us all…we are sometimes our own barrier to sucess.Let us learn to keep dreaming and makes things happen in our life.Who can stop us if God is for us..Good story and inspiring

  4. The best is yet to come,and as Siya is giving the glory to his Master,may Jesus bless him..and use him..Amen..