Radical prayer, radical worship in this week’s wrap!

Dear friends

In this week’s news-wrap we focus on some significant developments in PE.  But we believe they all deal with issues that are relevant to Christians everywhere. To our readers in other parts of South Africa we urge you to send us news reports and news alerts from your region. We are committed to bringing you Christian news and news from a Christian perspective from all over South Africa and from international sources. Please join us in making this happen. And contact me if you sense a calling to join our team of voluntary writers.

Okay, on with the news. We report on General Dawie Rabie’s bold vision to mobilise continuous prayer walking throughout Port Elizabeth and to literally surround the city with a cordon of prayer warriors. Come on church, let’s take up this challenge from the city’s co-chief of police!

In other news, FAMSA in PE have joined the social media revolution in a big way. They intend to use new social media technologies and skills to bring much-needed family support services to many more people than was previously possible — especially in under-resourced small towns and rural areas.

We also report on a promising grassroots initiative to rid the city of the invasion of illegal and deceitful abortion stickers (see photo on right) that are plastered on poles, signs and boards throughout PE.

And then, here is a reminder for all you passionate worshipers to get to the PE Burn 24/7 at Lighthouse Church tonight. It’s a citywide event that links up with a global movement. Tonight’s event will entail five hours of non-stop, radical, spontaneous worship, says co-ordinator Pete Gooch.

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Blessings, Andre

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