Revival breaking out in Panama! — Lindy-Ann Hopley

A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international evangelist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

After travelling for 30 hours I arrived in Panama and hit the ground running! a whole month of revival and miracles — I couldn’t ask for more.

Had an amazing opportunity to speak on Hosanna TV within the first week of my arrival. This was the first and largest Christian broadcast channel in the country.

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The Panama tour started off with the Wonder Women Conference. a week of miracles, healings and restoring the identities of women through powerful encounters with the Saviour! What an amazing conference, everyone was on fire for the Lord, dancing and worshipping Him. The presence was tangible and the POWER OF JESUS made for huge miracles.

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One girl suffered with fybromyalgia for seven years, enduring crippling pain and discomfort throughout the time and was HEALED that night. I asked her: “How do you know you’re healed?” She said “I JUST KNOW! He TOLD ME SO — my body feels like a 15 year old’s!” God is so good!

An older lady came with a walking cane that day, praying for healing in her leg. She could not stretch it out nor bend it. She was touched by the Father and she WALKED without her cane and went up the STAIRS to the stage to share her testimony!!! HALLEUJAH!

Mental illness HEALED in Jesus’ name as well. One girl suffered with the heaviness and weight of depression for years wondering: “God why do I feel like this?” She tearfully testified that day that her depression was completely gone.

So many miracles, signs and wonders during the conference. PANAMA FOR JESUS!

Demons flee and salvation in the presence of God

I had the honour of preaching at Roca de Vida and what we experienced was AMAZING. So many people delivered from depression, fear and other oppressive strongholds — a whole new life! Jesus came to bring salvation and we experienced this in such a powerful way, so many people gave their lives and hearts to Him during the event.

A highlight was two ladies — mother and daughter — who came to the service, as they heard about the miracles that took place earlier that week at Wonderwomen Conference. They both had fibromyalgia. The mom for 20 years! But God touched and healed them both instantly! Tears flowed as praises of gratitude arose to heaven!

I received an invitation to be interviewed on Hosanna Panama again. I shared about what God is doing in my ministry and in Panama, the power released over His people and all that is to come.

Roca Eterna prophetic night

I had so much fun dancing for the Lord and preaching about the KING who fills us with the joy to dance. We saw the glory of God manifest, what a POWERFUL night.

Both the pastor and his wife were healed!

Salvation at IMQV — More than 20 lives changed forever!

A dancer from IMQV was healed during the Sunday service and she rushed on stage in tears to testify, thanking God for her healing! She said that she knew God would heal her. She still had an appointment for a biopsy and review of her injury for potential surgery BUT God healed her right then and there!

Another boy walked on stage with pain in his right arm. He had been wearing a medical band on it for days because of the pain. “So bad I would cry!” he said. I prayed for his pain and he received instant healing in the name of JESUS!

Lupus healing in the name of Jesus!

What a powerful testimony. I met this woman in Panama last year and prayed for her. It’s a year later and she came to me at the Pretty Women conference to testify how God healed her from Lupus — a life threatening disease that is incurable! WOW! What a privilege to experience the work of the Father.

Watch this clip to hear her testimony

Mighty miracles in Colon

Another amazing meeting — God is so real, so good , so present! During the meeting God moved me to start asking Him for Words of knowledge. Many words were released. One of them He told me there is someone with lumps underneath their arms and something right across the breasts. People stood up all around the room — I prayed.

Two ladies came up — one with lumps under her arms for more than 30 years! She couldn’t even move her arms, it was so sore! She wept as she stood there pain-free amd lump-free, all mobility restored! Hallelujah!

The lady behind her also weeping — diagnosed with breast cancer — lumps gone!!! Tears flowed and shouts of hallelujahs all over the room!

Up next was Chiriqui!

Every meeting we had was electric, God moved mightily! Latin America is ripe for revival!

The meetings continued…. glory to glory!
Too much goodness for one article!
I will write more on this in my next column, so make sure to keep an eye out!

May every testimony written in this article inspire you to seek God’s face and step out and make a difference where you are walking like Jesus every day!

Lots of Love & Fire
Ev. Lindy-Ann Hopley


  1. O,how great is our GOD !!! Revival is here and now,Praises to His Holy Son JESUS. Amen…

  2. Allan Verreynne

    Praise the Lord indeed! Wonderful testimonies!God is alive & we’ll! Hallelujah!!