‘Send me’ and ‘Go tell’  — Marian Fitz-Gibbon 

“Send me” and “Go tell the good news” have a common thread.

South Africa has been on a tipping edge for months and by the grace of God we’ve had a critical cabinet reshuffle and unprecedented exposure of corruption which could have crippled more state departments but for the strong constitution of South Africa.

Story telling
On the topic of good news and being sent to share it, a few weeks ago I sat listening to accounts of the bravery of some of our top writers as they told their stories about the last couple of years. They were the likes of Jacques Pauw , Glynis Breyetenbach (former prosecutor for the National Prosecuting Authority and now South Africa’s Shadow Minister of Justice and member of parliament for the DA (In this capacity, she has called for an end to ongoing political interference that has compromised the integrity of the NPA), and other top journalists and top voices.

The theme of their lives was, in the face of opposition they wrote with conviction on topics they believed South Africans needed to hear. Something that must go down in history and leave a legacy. As I listened to Mark Hayward I could not help but be stirred to want to do more for the plight of the less advantaged, not turning a blind eye but being intentional and purposeful. As Glynis spoke my heart felt great compassion as I thought of her being right in the heart of it all in parliament!

Vineyard team

Vineyard team

Not two weeks later a 16-member from USA and Germany arrived here to start a 6-week tour around the nation in teaching the simplicity of power evangelism.

Brian Blount from the Vineyard in Oklahoma USA heads the team. He teaches on the love of the Father, the redemption of the cross and the commission that Jesus gave us to lay hands on the sick, lame, cast out demons and tell the good news of how much Jesus loves us.

Its radical but simple and life-and-nation-changing to say the least. The best part of it, it reaches the people on the streets and its not just for the select ones who can afford to pay to attend. The Gospel is free. These guys and girls have come to serve South Africa out of their own pockets.



This meeting began with churches of different streams coming together. The meeting started with a lady calling out: “I see him, I feel him hugging me for the first time”.

Brian called her to the front. Weeping she was coached to pray for a person with hearing problems. His hearing was restored, he was then coached to pray for another with hearing problems and that person was healed. Thereafter there were words of knowledge and healings that erupted one after the other.

A man on crutches for seven years got to walk free. His little girl held his hand saying: “Come Papa let’s go home, you can do it.”

The beautiful dusty streets of Mamelodi East will never be the same. After training, the team and various congregants took to walking the streets and popping in to visit the locals.

The intention was to pray for anyone in need. The welcome from the people in the suburb was warm and friendly.  Blacks and whites mingled with ease. From back pains, to general illnesses, people were healed.

As we were returning to church a group of ladies called out for help. Upon arrival at the scene a lady was frantically telling us she couldn’t walk nor move her arm.  A group prayed for her. The pain left. She stood up and began dancing, shouting: “Jesus has healed me.” Her mum came and testified to the miracle.

A night of miracles


On into the night we went. Singing and dancing as only we do here in Africa. The people prayed for one another and healing and miracles erupted.

It’s got “send me, send me send me” written all over it and it’s only the beginning of the six weeks!   So if you heard it from your pastor or it’s only dawned recently that you need to spread the good news, then let’s make it all about Jesus. He is the good news.

Pastor Abel Zuma from Fire Revival Church Mamelodi

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  1. Thank you Marian, so inspiring. May we all be brave and step out……you make it sound so easy and so real. bless you.