Soccer breakthrough after leg healed in classroom prayer

Tevin Kekana (right) in action on the soccer field. His life has been impacted by the revival at St Thomas High School, Port Elizabeth.

When Tevin Kekana strained a hamstring muscle in a football match and was told he could not play soccer for three months it seemed that his dream of playing in an important soccer tournament in Cape Town would not be fulfilled.

But that was before revival broke out at St Thomas High School, Port Elizabeth, where Kekana, 17, is a Grade 10 learner. His first experience of the move of God at the school was at an assembly on March 5 when visiting speaker Shannon-Leigh Barry, 25, prophesied “accurately” over him. Days later while substitute teaching in Kekana’s classroom, Shannon-Leigh heard that he could not play in an important soccer tournament because of the injury.

Prayed until the pain left
“I decided to teach the class how to pray for healing. I got four girls to pray for him and I got him to stand on his injured leg. Then I asked him to jump on it. I just wanted to show them that God could do a work. They prayed about five times until the pain left.”

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Kekana, who has come to have a relationship with Jesus Christ through his recent encounters with God at school, got an “all-clear” from his physiotherapist the next day and played in the tournament, where he was spotted by a coach of leading Cape Town soccer team Santos. Thereafter the talented striker and right mid-fielder played in trials and won a place in the Santos Under 19 Acadmey Squad. He will complete his schooling at the Santos Academy. A keen soccer player since the age off 4, he has been a key player for Swallows PE and aspires to play for South Africa.

Kekana’s healing testimony is one of many recorded at the school in the past two months. About 500 learners made commitments to Jesus at the assembly on March 5 and several hundred more have done so since.

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