Substance abuse conference in PE

The Local Drug Action Committee of the Nelson Mandela Metro is hosting a two day conference on May 5 and 6, 2011 on the topic of Substance Abuse.

The theme of the Conference is “Substance Abuse and Society: Taking Steps to Turn the Tide.”     Topics covered at this conference will refer to the negative impact of substance abuse on the human body, as well as strategies suggested in the treatment of substance abuse.

The speakers who will be presenting discussions at the conference include Prof. Charles Parry from the Medical Research Council, as well as Dr David Bayever from the Central Drug Authority.  Steve Hamilton, the author of the book “I want my life back”, will also share his testimony on the consequences of abusing drugs over many years in addiction. 

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The reality of the drug problem is summed up in these words in the conference press release: “Drugs don’t discriminate. They ask no name, title, ethnic group, faith belief or gender. They infiltrate every strata of society and respect no country’s boundaries. They obey no commandment but their own law of greed, death and destruction. They have many names, forms and faces and colours.  Society is facing a relentless attack on our youth, our futute leaders are targeted by a ruthless and destructive master of disguise and death. Drug addiction generates crime and destroys our communities. “

The aim of the conference is for all stakeholders in the Metro to be empowered to stand united in addressing the problem of substance abuse.

The conference is unique in the sense that it allows for role players from different fields such as education, health and other sciences to interact in a meaningful way.

Interested persons who would like to register may still do so until tomorrow (Wednesday, May 4, 2011).  The registration fee is R40 person and registration forms can be obtained froml Nomtha at 041 5043 762.  More information is available from the convener, Dr A Lombard at  041 4093 777.

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