Swift police action after Kingfisher FM looted

In the early hours of Sunday morning, Kingfisher FM was looted and electronic equipment stolen at this family lifestyle radio station’s studios in Newton Park, Port Elizabeth.

It is suspected that the breaking and entry took place just after one o’clock on Sunday morning as suspects broke an office window with a large rock, before entering the building and looting the station’s office area where presenters prepare for radio shows.

Police were first on the scene of the crime with armed response officers arriving on their heels.  After inspecting the looted premises, armed response officers secured the building while police officers patrolled the immediate area in search of possible suspects.  Within an hour police aprehended and arrested a suspect on charges of possesion of stolen goods.

“I am so proud of our police service”, said Theunis Pienaar, General Manager of Kingfisher FM in a statement.  ‘”They acted quickly and in our interest.  They were concerned about our situation and made every effort to find the perpetrators as soon as possible.  These men and women are heroes.  They work long and inconvenient hours to keep us safe.  We’re quick to complain about a lot of things, but we should not forget that these men and women are family people exactly like us and they make many sacrifices under difficuilt circumstances in order to keep us safe.  We are very grateful.”

A full investigation is underway and it is hoped that most of the stolen goods have been recovered.  Unconfirmed sources believe the arrested suspect is linked to a spate of breaking and entries in Newton Park.  ‘”You should not mess with God’s stuff and God’s people,” one of the policemen on the scene is quoted as saying.


  1. Let us stand together and pray for the SAPS as they often do a thankless job.

  2. That saves me. Thanks for being so seinblse!