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Brutal cross-examination of rape victim highlights need for judicial system reform, says SACC

Originally published in SACC News The shocking cross-examination ordeal of courageous rape victim Cheryl Zondi in the Omotoso trial has prompted the South African Council of Churches SACC to urge justice authorities to establish special courts for rape cases to protect rape survivors, says the SACC in a media statement […]

Investigation into effects of pornography needed — ACDP

There was a need for a credible and thorough investigation into the effects of pornography in South Africa, ACDP MP Cheryllyn Dudley said in parliament this week. She warned that parts of government policy in the Film and Publications Amendment Bill before the Portfolio Committee on Communications promoted sexual exploitation and facilitated […]

Jesus, Hollywood and the Harvey Weinstein scandal

Originally published in Chraisma News This past week, we learned that something really ugly lies underneath Hollywood’s sparkling glamour. Harvey Weinstein, the billionaire mogul responsible for movies including Shakespeare in Love, Chicago and The King’s Speech, was fired from his job and expelled from the Academy for Motion Picture Arts […]

Salvation Army puts ‘black and blue’ female in #thedress to spotlight abuse of women

Originally published in The Christian Post The Salvation Army’s South Africa branch has used the viral frenzy over the picture associated with the hashtag #thedress to spread awareness of violence against women on Twitter. In a tweet, the Christian ministry featured a bruised woman wearing a white and gold dress, […]

16 Days of Activism campaign puts spotlight on violence against women and children

[notice]This week marks the start of the 16 days of Activism for No Violence Against Women and Children (November 25 to December 10) and Gateway News Volunteer Reporter Debbie Hemmens took the opportunity to look at how three Gauteng-based NGOs are tackling the gender violence problem.[/notice] The 16 days campaign […]