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Not in God’s name!

[notice]Should Christians lighten up about the”humourous” use of God’s name in advertisements such as the recent controversial Red Bull TV ad? Pastor Afrika Mhlophe writes about the weightiness of the name that is above every other name.[/notice] On mount Sinai God gave the patriarch Moses commandments that were meant to […]

The making of Malema

[notice]Pastor Afrika Mhlophe says public figures like expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema are products of a corrupt, worldly system. ‘Can anything be done about it?’ he poses.[/notice]We held our breath and now we can afford to breathe a collective sigh of relief. There are two things that have […]

Mob justice is injustice

  [notice]In a letter to the editor published in the Eastern Province Herald today, Pastor Afrika Mhlophe speaks out against vigilantism such as an incident last week when an angry Port Elizabeth mob stoned a suspected child rapist to death. This is what he wrote. [/notice] As South Africans we […]

ANC: 100 and not out…yet!

[notice]As the African National Congress celebrated its centenary this week, PE pastor Afrika Mhlophe reflects on its Christian heritage and its historical service to SA. But he laments that today’s ANC leaders are unprincipled, bent on self enrichment and populist. [/notice] The founding of the African National Congress on January […]

Making disciples, not converts

    [notice]In a message to Christ followers in South Africa, PE pastor Afrika Mhlophe asks whether we are producing faithful church members or disciples of Jesus. [/notice] It is often said that the continent of Africa is over evangelized but under discipled. The focal point of the Great Commission […]