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Legalised prostitution significantly increases human sex trafficking: study

Originally published in LifeSiteNews LONDON, UK, December 12, 2012 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A study of the impact of legalised prostitution has found that countries where prostitution is legal experience larger reported human trafficking inflows than countries in which prostitution is prohibited. Professor Eric Neumayer of the London School of Economics and […]

Help me stop anti-family groups in their tracks!

Homosexual activists are working diligently to criminalise any form of criticism of their lifestyles by ensuring “sexual orientation” is provided “special protection status” in hate crimes legislation. They have been lobbying government for years and appear to be shifting focus to labour unions. If homosexuality is given special protection status […]

Premiere of film on Nigeria’s role in sex slavery

The harsh reality of  human trafficking is exposed on screen in an hour long documentary made by Shane Vermooten in association with Media Village Productions. Vermooten captured the footage during a stay of nearly a month in Africa’s most populous nation, Nigeria. During this time he faced questioning by military […]