Ten Commandments — The Age of Exodus: DVD review

10 CommandmentsDVD Review by Anna Heydenrych

Genre: Drama;
Lead Performer: Dougray Scott;
Performers: Naveen Andrews (Lost), Omar Sharif;
First released in 2006 as a TV mini series; Released 2014 as two-part feature movie

Ten Commandments brings us the story of Moses (not for the first time) in a two part feature movie.  The story is told from his adventure in the basket as a baby, all the way to the first glimpse of the Promised Land.  
Lead performer, Scottish actor Dougray Scott, brings depth to his performance as Moses and his charismatic portrayal of the Old Testament leader draws the viewer into the story.  On the whole, the characters are well developed (there is a lot of time to develop them as it is a long story and a long film), which does enhance the entertainment value and give the other performers, such as Naveen Andrews of Lost fame, an opportunity to add some dimension.
The story is true to Biblical scripture, but does take artistic liberty especially when it comes to relationships between characters and Moses’ relationship with God.  However the liberties taken are, I feel, in line with what we know of the character of God revealed to us in the New Testament, so this does bring some value to the overall narrative of the film.  

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With just the right balance between drama and action, this movie does have entertainment value, but I would suggest watching it in two sittings as I found my concentration beginning to wane near the end.  

I would definitely recommend this movie as it brings to life an incredibly important and dramatic historical account in a meaningful, yet entertaining way.  

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  1. “,,,in line with what we know of the character of God revealed to us in the New Testament.” There’s a difference between the way God is revealed in the “Old” Testament and the New? Has he changed character? What a bizarre comment.

    • Hi Edith, thank you for reading the review. I thought I better respond as I think that you have misunderstood the point I was making. I absolutely agree with you that God’s character has never and will never change (of course), that is fundamental to our relationship with the creator of the universe. I just mean that in the new testament, as God’s plan of redemption was revealed, so was greater access given to us to connect with him personally and relationally. In the movie, Moses speaks to God in the same way we would (after the cross), so in actual fact I was just making the point that this shows us how his character has not changed. Anyway, I was not attempting to delve into any theological matters, this is a movie review and not the platform for that, but I thought I better respond lest anyone else misunderstand my comment. I hope that clears it up for you, I think that this is a matter of semantics, not theology and that we believe the same of our Creator.