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Bev, 68, was not able to hear well since she was a little girl. She is an intercessor in her church, she serves well and loves Jesus, but still she had no breakthrough. 

Interesting thing about Albany — it is a little town in the US state of Oregon where renowned preacher and general in the faith Kathryn Kuhlman did her first meetings in 1924 from where she was launched into the world with a phenomenal ministry of miracles.

Woman testifies about healing of her hearing

On Monday night (April 26 2021) in Albany God moved mightily. An evangelist from South Africa was invited to speak at a revival meeting. 

Bev was there. God was also.

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Must watch as she receives her miracle!

Then an after-hours report:

Oregon has been bombarded with Satanists and occultists. There have even been incidents of burning Bibles in the streets here. 

But God. “But where sin abounded, grace did much more abound — Romans 5:20

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Believe God today for a mighty miracle! We are praying with you. Amen & Amen. 

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