The next generation of Jesus people — Lindy-Ann Hopley

Below is a much-watch video as God moves among the children.

There is no junior Holy Spirit! God’s church is and will always be essential. 

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This meeting took place in Oregon, USA. Oregon is one of the most bound rebellious states currently in the USA – this is where Satanists attacked Christians with “Hail Satan” placards and where they publicly burned Bibles in the streets.

But – where sin abounds, grace abounds more. Amen! Beautiful Witness Ministries did back-to-back meetings across this state and saw God move mightily! 

I want to encourage you today — don’t hold back from sharing the love, greatness and power of God from your children. No matter how young they are, they were born for this!

The little girl pictured with me above told her mom that one day she is going to take over my job and do what I do. Note how she is showing off her new Beautiful Witness Ministries Tshirt — “Not Today Satan” — which is coming soon to SA!

“In the last days – I will pour out my Spirit on ALL flesh” (Acts 2) — including the children! Amen?!

Love & Fire Lindy-Ann 
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