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A monthly column bringing you frontline testimonies of what God is stirring up across the globe. By international revivalist Lindy-Ann Hopley, Beautiful Witness Ministries.

Dear Beautiful Witness

Greetings from the air!

Always on an adventure with Jesus. The greatest adventure you will ever have is the one of love. Love takes you places where fear will not. The revelation of that perfect love He has will make you do things and go places that seemed impossible before. 1 John 4:18

Isn’t it time you fell head over heels in love with the King?!

This is the month of LOVE.

My prayer for you this month is to fall in love with His love for you.
“We love Him for He loved us first” – 1 John 4:19

Make sure to watch my sermon on Radical Love (link below) – He is LOVE!

My heart seems to have exploded in the increased revelation of Him. His grace and love for us… for me personally. My desire to see the Lamb get His full reward has just gotten hotter. The more I realise His love for me, the more I want to love Him with all my heart and all my mind and all my soul and more!

I am so honoured to share with you where love has taken me the last few weeks.

In our last conversation I was on my way to Romania — let’s kick off there!

It was my first time here.

As we arrived at our one host home a young man jumped up to give me his chair and it was very obvious he had a problem with his one leg, as he did not step on it at all and hopped about. He had had an accident whilst playing football. His operation was scheduled for two weeks later. But God! The pastor asked me to pray. I prayed and God touched him right there. Operation cancelled. Good start. God loves the whole world. Hallelujah!

That night I preached at an open air meeting.
Now you have to realise that a woman preaching in Romania is not commonly accepted. There were some ladies in the audience with their head coverings. Women came up after the meeting weeping, telling me they have prayed for years for God to send a woman like me to preach in Romania. What an honour.
I love being me.
I love being made exactly according to God’s plan for my life.
And also you!
He knew exactly what He was doing when He put you together! Oh how He knows the plans He has for you and sets you up for success.
Follow Him and see!
That night the presence of God was tangible! I saw during the meeting a big man being brought in from somewhere on crutches with a cast. They brought him to the front. I could smell he had been drinking. I touched him and the Holy Spirit came on him with power and he fell over. I have no idea what happened to him, but found out later he was the drug dealer of the town!
Hee haa Jesus! Never out of His reach!
You can watch some of the evening here…
It ended in dancing and singing!

[fbvideo link=”” width=”400″ height=”321″ onlyvideo=”1″]

I also spoke at a Bible School…

Lindy-Ann at a Bible school Societatea Missionary Romana.

And below a picture of a church meeting.
It was awesome! We left just before midnight

Lindy-Ann at church meeting.

After the meeting Pappa God spoiled us! The pastors took us to a brand new restaurant at midnight to eat fillet steak cooked by two young brothers who had been on Masterchef.
God is a good Father and He loves spoiling us!

Catch us in the kitchen!

I have also gone into the “next level” of my ministry. Where people give you a mug as a gift with your face printed on it. They gave the brothers a mug too! And I am now next to the trophees – lol!

Romanians like to, no love to, feed people!
Ate toooo much! All the time. Fun photo.

The young girls serving doughnuts at a Romanian restaurant.

Then we were off to Budapest. I had been to this same church once before and that time was epic! “they had not seen a move of the Spirit like that for 15 years!” the lady said. So I knew the expectation was high! Hungry Hungarians. Wonderful meeting again with the Most High.

“The Woman at the well”

This testimony was also awesome!

[fbvideo link=”” width=”400″ height=”321″ onlyvideo=”1″]

And then I flew home. Upgraded to business class compliments of Jesus and the airline.
Just what every girl needs.

The Europe Reformation and Revival Tour 2017 was amazing!
2 and a half months on the road…
It is good to be home.
All the glory to God!

On my way from the airport God touched the Uber driver!

And then straight to Lanzerac spa with a voucher I got last year already! What a spoil.
The masseuse got “chills as you speaking” when I spoke of when Jesus walked into my room! Then Jesus healed the lady who painted my toenails – her leg grew out in front of her colleagues.
Then they went and called the girl from the first treatment , made a circle and gave their lives to Jesus! Yeeees!!! Spa revival!

I got home and was warmly welcomed by one of my greatest supporters…
My Mommy.I don’t think I could have done what I do without her. Forever grateful to God for her.
Always flowers next to my bed when I come home, good food and Rummikub.

A few days later it was time to celebrate my birthday — it could not have been better.
Friends. Family. God.
To be home and dance to common Afrikaans music in our tiny living room till six in the morning — yes please!

Two hours later, waking up to go to church and my whole church singing for me! What a treat! Then high tea with some special gals at The One & Only Hotel.
I am so honoured to be surrounded by such mighty and gorgeous women of God!

Lindy-Ann at The One & Only Hotel

Thank you for all the kind messages. I had a wonderful time going through them all!

Had a blast preaching at this Kids Conference the following week.
I had the kids act out the story of King Nebuchadnezzar, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego. But we called them “1, 2 & 3” instead. It was so much fun and powerful!
The children stepped into the fire of God like “1,2&3” did!
Unafraid. Holy Spirit touched them.
Some weeping on the floor. Some laughing. Some had visions. Some had breakthrough! And all of them got healed — itchiness gone, headaches and all kinds of things — even heart ache.

Afterwards we did an outreach at the police station — the kids were amazing! There is no junior Holy Spirit — that’s for sure!

I love preaching at my home church!
I do not know when last I experienced the Love of God like this in a service. It was RADICAL!

Make sure to watch! And receive the radical love of our Father.
Maybe you have never experienced His love in your heart. Invite Him in.

[fbvideo link=”” width=”400″ height=”300″ onlyvideo=”1″]
Right now I am on my way to Durban for the “Untamed conference” – more on that next month!

If you are in the area and you read this in time – come join!

I hope reading and watching some of God’s Love at work all over the earth inspired you and fanned into flame that which is within YOU! Yes YOU!!! Not just the pastor, the preacher or the whoever, but YOU!
He has a plan for you!
Fall in love and LIVE a little!

Lots of Love & Fire

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  1. This is awesome,Jesus picked the right girl for the JOB, keep on going He is coming soon..Shalom..