Todd White leads Durban street ‘invasion’, stirs up passion for sharing love of God

tod white three
US-based lifestyle evangelist Todd White in Durban.

Several hundred people invaded the streets and beachfront of Durban during the August Todd White conference with one simple message, “Jesus loves you”.

In a three-day blitz Christian attending the conference at the Durban Christian Centre “Jesus Tent”, were encouraged, inspired and empowered to take the gospel to the city of Durban.

Todd White, with flowing dreadlocks and a heart-rending testimony of deliverance after 22 years as a drug addict, brought a refreshing and bold approach to street evangelism.

Durban Christian Centre’s senior pastor John Torrens said that White’s ministry had shaken many Christians out of their complacency.

“Todd’s obvious love for God and his practical teaching and dependence on the Holy Spirit when witnessing on the streets, produced some great testimonies,” he said.

It was a conference where Christians were immediately challenged to put into action what they had gained from Todd White’s teaching.

todd white and ps john torrens
Tod White with Durban Christian Centre senior pastor John Torrens.

After the morning session the people broke up into small teams and went out on the streets to witness to people.

They came came back to the Jesus Tent two hours later to give dozens of exciting testimonies that ranged from healings and deliverance, to appreciative encouragement from people who had never seen the gospel demonstrated in such a powerful way.

Some Christians who participated experienced the supernatural leading of the Holy Spirit for the first time and the joy of leading someone to accept Christ as their Saviour.

The lasting impression that Todd White left was that it was all right to be radically passionate about the love of God.

He demonstrated it himself when it took him nearly half an hour to exit the airport because he kept stopping to speak to people about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ.


  1. This was truly a life changing conference- I will never be the same again.

  2. Todd White i love listening to you on inspirer me.I love the way you preach its like knw other ive ever heared.God bless you.