Understanding Islamic terrorists

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By Philip Rosenthal — Christian View Network

With the recent terror attacks in Paris and Kenya, many Western leaders foolishly describe Islamic terrorist attacks as ‘senseless’ killing. From our vantage point, these Jihadists are hard to understand. Nevertheless,
this is just a failure to try see things from their point of view. From most Westerners’ perspective, these are troublemakers who don’t represent Islam as a whole and have no hope of achieving anything but spreading fear and
killing a few civilians. They don’t see it that way at all. They have a systematic plan outlined in the Quran. They have won before using these tactics and realistically think they can win again.

  • First, despite denials of Westerners and moderate Muslims, the Islamic scriptures do encourage terrorism, slavery, beheadings, the killing of apostates and the taxing of infidels (non-muslims). While I haven’t read the
    whole Quran, I have read the relevant texts they cite and my missionary to Muslim friends who have spent years studying these scriptures confirm these are correctly interpreted and in context. This gives legitimacy to those who do this. Claims they promote peace are taken out of context. http://www.answering-islam.org/Quran/Themes/jihad_passages.html We can be grateful that the majority of Moslems either don’t interpret these literally or don’t apply them, but also we cannot write off those who do as not real Muslims or a cult as liberal Westerners try label them.
  • Second, they don’t view themselves as troublemakers, but as conquerors.They mean to destroy Western Civilisation, particularly in Europe, and replace it with Islamic Civilisation – over maybe a generation or two. They believe the whole world will become Islamic and that the rest of us are just being obstinate.
  • Third, Islam is a religion focused on power rather than personal belief. Women wear scarves and the serious men engage in various daily rituals to indicate submission to Islam. The terrorists assert power over the infidels (us) by committing acts of terrorism – to push us to submit. Spain has already submitted to the Madrid bombings by withdrawing troops from Iraq.
  • Fourth, they are not worried about provoking counter attack – rather they want it, because the Islamic state Jihadists believe the world will end in an apocalyptic literal final battle a bit like Armageddon, which while they
    may lose a bit on the way, will usher in a final era of Islamic dominance. http://goo.gl/UI8cyq
  •  Fifth, their exponential birth rate, while Europeans are in exponential decline gives them good reason to believe they will one day dominate Europe.
  • Sixth, they are not worried about the fact that two thirds of Western Moslems don’t want Sharia law. They don’t need a majority. One third is more than enough. They plan to force their way into power by terrorising andkilling their opposition into submission – much the same way they have done so in the Middle East or the way the Nazis and Communists used a minority to dominate the minority in Germany and the Old Soviet Union. They also plan to implement their Sharia law piecemeal over Muslim communities in the West – with their own gangs operating like police and their own courts to which they force all to submit. Then they just expand this.
  • Seventh, this strategy is not new. It has been tried and tested for centuries – and successfully destroyed the Eastern Roman Empire, the Christian kingdoms of Arabia and North Africa – and also East Africa. It does work. It has been successful before. These are not lunatics. They have a plan and they have reason to believe they can win.

We Christians also have a plan – to preach the gospel about Jesus to all creation – including all the closed Moslem countries and we are also prepared to die for it – as so many have done before. But please, lets stop talking about these Jihadists being ‘senseless’. They are not stupid. They are a whole lot cleverer than Western leaders like Barak Obama, David Cameron and Angela Morkel – who don’t understand their plan.

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And yes, let us build peaceful relations with the majority of Muslims, who are not Jihadists – but let us not be fooled into thinking that Jihadists are going to become peaceful Muslims just if we are nice to them.

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One Comment

  1. Faan Oosthuizen

    The biggest threat to Christianity is it’s own sins and lukewarmness which will land them in hell. Without HOLINESS we will not see God. If we truly believed this, we will fear ourselves and sins more than anything else – and seek the Messiah for deliverance and cleansing from sin.
    Jesus commanded us NOT to fear those who kill the body (NOT to fear Moslems), but to fear HIM who can destroy body and soul in hell – if we are not holy.

    Jesus bore OUR SINS in His body on the cross. OUR SINS have hurt HIM more than what any Moslem can ever hurt us. THAT is what we must fear – and STOP.

    “Until sin be bitter, Christ shall not be sweet.”

    Our lukewarmness has further allowed the murder of 2-3 million innocent unborn human beings in SA since 1997 and the suffering of millions of others due to poverty – and what was done to them, was done to JESUS, the JUDGE. We expect the moderate Moslems to stand up against the radicals. What then should the majority Christians do about such injustice and suffering right on their doorsteps?

    Therefore, we need to fear our own hearts and for our own eternity if we ourselves have been passive in the face of these things.

    I say this, not that we need not do something about the injustices of Moslems, but first things first.