Victory Ministries International celebrates 15th Restoration Conference

Worshipers at Restoration 2014.
Worshipers at Restoration 2014.

[notice]Special Report by Selwyn Milborrow who attended the conference[/notice]

Restoration Conference 2014 held from March 23 to 28, 2014 at Victory Ministries International’s new Worship Auditorium in Port Elizabeth proved to be yet another life changing event.

Restoration 2014 marked its 15th year of God’s faithfulness. The book of Acts 3 verses 19-21 clearly states that ‘restoration’ is a God-given promise which has been spoken by the mouths of the prophets. Speakers from the USA, Papa New Guinea and South Africa blessed the house with their powerful sessions ranging from prophecies, healing and impartation.

At the opening service Bishop Harry Jackson said that the Worship Auditorium is not just a place to have formal (church) meetings, but a place where the Holy Spirit moves. Jackson spoke a profound word when he used the scripture in Job 14:7 “Even a tree has more hope! If it is cut down, it will sprout again & grow new branches.”

Restoration Conference is not just an event, but a landmark experience presented in excellence reaching both the saved and unchurched. Through the restoration-promise we are being converted, refreshed and returned to the presence of the Lord where all things are being restored to man.

Prophet Ed Traut said it was never God’s plan for anyone to lack. God did not say you are going to be poor; He said you will live among the poor. Prophet Ed Traut said we were all called for a purpose.

Dr Walter Henderson spoke on the power of words and imagination. “Words produce images. It gives imagination. Be careful what words enter your imagination. Your imagination holds the future to your revelation. Your imagination is the eye of faith. You’ve got to see it to be it. He concluded that a man as a priest in his house does not represent himself but represents God to his family.”

Pastor Jerome Liberty had encouraging words to share at the conference. He said “It is when we calculate that’s the end, when God is saying it’s just the beginning.” He said his assignment in Port Elizabeth is to raise end-time financiers. People who finance the advancement of the Gospel into the nations. He believes that this is the time to give birth to that which God has placed inside of you so that nations may be edified and the Kingdom of God might be advanced.

Nuggets from the conference:
“Every vision has a price tag. It’s never cheap and it’s never discounted.”
“A problem is the best opportunity to get wealth; David is nothing without Goliath.”
“Demons always leave a smell and you must discern spiritually.”
“God is working! He’s always working! Though we don’t always know just how, but He’s doing something.”

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