Vlooi will challenge men to ‘adopt’ boys for KMMC 2015

Vlooi Terblanche at KMMC 2014.
Vlooi Terblanche at KMMC 2014.

Last year he was reborn at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC). This year he walked 500km to the conference carrying a cross. But now he says: “It’s a new phase with the Lord — as a child of God”.

I was talking to Vlooi Terblanche, 60, on the final morning of the KMMC. He said he asked God to show him what next and the Holy Spirit had just inspired him to launch a new initiative.

“I’m going to ‘adopt’ a son for the Mighty Men next year. I never had a father and I think there are a lot of single moms whose boys don’t get the opportunity to come to the Mighty Men; and sons whose fathers don’t want to or can’t take them. I am going to really challenge guys to adopt boys for the weekend next year and to bring them to the Mighty Men.”

Terblanche touched the hearts of thousands of men at the KMMC on Saturday morning as he shared his testimony of how he encountered Jesus at last year’s event and was instantly set free of alcoholism and a debauched lifestyle, and how his marriage was restored.

“It was so special after I spoke on the stage how many guys came back to me and to say ‘thanks Uncle Vlooi’ and to talk to me because the found a friend of Jesus in me.”

One of the highlights was talking to a man who came to the Mighty Men specifically to meet Terblanche after his marriage was restored as a result of the impact on his wife of a talk by Terblanche at a women’s camp in Willowmore during his walk from Plett to Middelburg.

He said he has been invited to share his testimony at a men’s group in Johannesburg in 2 weeks. He said the organisers of Bobby Mighty Men is Struisbaai have also been in contact with him.


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  2. May I say that when you really meet the Lord,HE DOES FANTASTIC THINGS well done Vlooi, don’t forget to put on the Whole Armour everyday cause satan does not like you!But if He is for us who can be against us..Praise JESUS.

  3. I live so far away from South Africa. I am a single mother,have a son. I have prayed and continue to pray for mighty men like Vlooi. Our sons need them.. Praise God for Vlooi