Vote on Christian values – East London pastor

Put Christian values ahead of personal service delivery, when voting in the upcoming local government elections, says an East London pastor in a letter published in the Daily Dispatch newspaper.

Pastor Stef Davi of the Stirling Worship Centre has nailed his colours to the mast by sticking a Biblical Issues Voters Guide poster over the notice board in front of his church.

In his letter Davi says:”Many people, through ignorance will vote for a party they feel will give them the best service, even at the expense of violating God’s commands.

“But as a Christian the end does not justify the means we use. When we vote we have to, as the apostle Paul’s letter says (2 Corinthians 13), “Test yourselves to see if you are in the faith…”.

He urges church leaders to read the Biblical issues voters guide “so that they can inform their members of their responsibility”.

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