Vryheid challenges SA to share ‘John 3:16’ video during Rugby World Cup

Originally published in Vryheid Herald

At precisely 16 minutes past 3pm on Saturday afternoon, an airplane flew over Vryheid High School’s rugby field.

Below, a massive crowd of Vryheid’s residents looked up and saw “JOHN 3:16” boldly printed beneath its wings and cheered as it soared above them, in celebration of the cause they had gathered to support.

Here is the video, by Deon Harris, that the organisers of this event would like to share as far and wide as possible:

Last week, the front page of the Vryheid Herald included an invitation to all to take part in the event, put together by the AGS Church in Vryheid to encourage the South African rugby team to display John 3:16 to the world, during the Rugby World Cup in Japan.

Organisers of the event brought the community together on September 14, to create a video which could be shared as far and wide as possible to get the message across.


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“I was blessed out of my socks to have the chance to be a part of this event and this team,” said Dirk Koekemoer.
“It was such a privilege to see the community of Vryheid putting down barriers between churches and between races, that we just picked up this thing and went forward with it. Nobody asked questions; everybody just clubbed in and did what they had to do. John 3:16 for me is one of the biggest verses of hope for me – ‘For God so loved the world that he gave his only son’ – that after all that I have done wrong, because I believe in Him I won’t perish. It brings tears to my eyes when I think about it. Thanks to everybody who participated. We as humans will never see the ripple effects of what happened on Saturday and was spread through this world. Thank you.”


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Awesome ladies supporting the #John3v16Campaign at #VHSrugbyfield

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A plea went up to the heavens as the crowd bowed their heads for a mass prayer, standing together on the field to form a human John 3:16.

“God bless Vryheid, God bless South Africa and God bless all the nations of the world.”


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The crew from #KZNPA were in attendance at the #John3v16Campaign #VryheidHerald #vhsrugbyfield #kwazuluprivateambulances

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  1. Wow. What an inspiration. Lord let SA turn to you wholeheartedly.