WATCH: Man who transformed ‘murder capital’ of world speaking in PE

Poncho Murguia. (See video at bottom of page about how he partnered with God in transforming the ‘murder capital of the world’).

Known as the man who transformed the murder capital of the world, Poncho Murguia, of Ciudad Juárez in Mexico, will be visiting Port Elizabeth next week.

Poncho will be teaching South Africans how they can play an active role in drastically reducing gang-related violence, the murder rate, extortion and corruption in their cities at Word of Faith Christian Centre’s (WOFCC) Faith Fellowship Conference on June 2, 4, and 5.

“When I learned about Poncho’s impact on violent crime I felt inspired to invite him to make a difference in the fight against gang violence that has been out of control in areas of our city and other hotspots in the country. Port Elizabeth is on fire with the spirit of murder and violence. It would be a tragedy for any pastor in our city to miss hearing Poncho. Especially as pastors are flying in from all over the nation,” said Pastor Jimmy Compton of WOFCC.

The conference, which is free of charge, is at WOFCC on the corner of William Moffett Expressway and Lily Road, Mangold Park and is aimed at pastors, police officers, school principals and other leaders.

Poncho’s track record is impressive.

“Homicides have decreased by 80%, kidnappings have been eliminated 100% and extortions are down 90%,” the former State Attorney General of Mexico, Carlos Salas remarked upon reviewing the effects of Poncho’s unique strategy to combat violence and drug abuse in Mexico’s El Cereso prison and it’s former “murder capital”, Ciudad Juárez.

Previously controlled by cartels, El Cereso prison was home to a bank, control centre and kitchen used by cartels to prepare cocaine. Approximately 70% of the guards were drug dealers and most of the inmates were drug users.

After the transformation of El Cereso prison, Poncho applied the same method in Argentina. This resulted in the rate of reoffending decreasing from 85% to 2% in the areas where he took action.

Poncho will be joined at the Faith Fellowship Conference by popular televangelist Nicky van der Westhuizen. Applauded for his insight on topics such as the supernatural, financial success and leadership, Nicky returns to the conference by popular demand.

Faith Fellowship is a network of pastors and leaders across South Africa and Africa that look to the apostolic ministry of Pastor Jimmy and Mariana Crompton for leadership, care and direction.

To register for the conference email or call 041 399 4400. The conference is free of charge.


  1. Dorothy Priilaid

    Have a great anticipation for this Conference with Poncho Marguia. He is coming at the right time to Port Elizabeth. May the Lord give us ears to hear what the Spirit of God will say to us through this servant of God!

  2. About a month ago I had a dream about witchdoctors casting a spell on Port Elizabeth. Eversince thn things went out of hand. In my dream I was praying wth my reverend but I felt the need inside me tht we need more prayer warriors to pray for our city. The devil is roaming in pe. I’m glad tht the man of God is coming to advise our leaders how to go about wth this situation.