WATCH: Sean Feucht: ‘The Church is getting her fire back’

PHOTO: #LETUSWORHSIP YouTube Video Screenshot

Originally published in Charisma News

Fort Worth, Texas, glimpsed a touch of heaven on earth on June 6.

The stop was part of Sean Feucht’s “Let Us Worship” summer tour travelling to 34 US cities in 15 states over 87 days — and the fiery video below is evidence of the deep move of the Spirit washing over the United States.

To the young and old, black and white, Feucht speaks truth over a people from all walks of life, desperate for a touch from God.

“Fort Worth is a fortress of worth,” decrees a voice over the crowd. The Let Us Worship team declares the next generation is not apathetic or far from God as some would love to believe. But rather, they say, the on-fire-for-Jesus Millennials and Gen Z will become a beacon of hope for a generation that needs so desperately to rediscover their identity in the one who created them.

And now, Feucht says: “The Church is getting her fire back.” He declares over the mammas holding their babies, over the wrinkled hands lifted to the sky, over the “lost youth” dedicating themselves in baptism: “This is a season where God is releasing Holy Spirit fire on His people.”

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