Who will jump in first? Who will go for us? (Part 1) — Clementia Pae

Clementia Pae shares a call to us from God to rescue His children and restore their destinies — a message she received through dreams and visions and the act of adopting a son.

It was during one precious evening in November 2015, when the Lord introduced me to my future adopted son, Israel, in a dream.

The scene was almost the same as a vision I had in 2010, which mirrored Revelation 12, where a woman giving birth to a male child was pursued by the dragon who wanted to devour her child, as soon as he was born. But the child was caught up to God, and the woman was given wings like an eagle to fly to the wilderness where she was taken care of for 1 260 days, out of the reach of the dragon, the enemy, the devil (The full story of this vision will be shared at another time).

The difference with the 2015 dream was that I was not the one giving birth, rather it was another woman, whom I did not know. I and another woman were assisting this woman giving birth — as though we were midwives of some sort.

Danger awaiting the newborn
As the woman gave birth, in my spirit I could sense a lot of danger was awaiting the child as he was being brought forth. I could see the woman giving birth was very weak and vulnerable, and unable to protect this baby.

I knelt in front of her, watching and praying, when all of a sudden, as the baby came right out of her womb, I saw two angels standing by, and one of them swiftly took the baby and put him in my arms.

I held the baby in my arms and prayed. I looked at his face, and he was so beautiful and very fragile. He was light in complexion. Immediately I felt a deep bond, as though he was being knitted in my womb. I was puzzled by this occasion, yet I was very overwhelmed with love.

I knew that I had to protect this precious soul that had just come to this earth. I looked at the lady who had given birth, and she just smiled at me. She looked very exhausted. The angels disappeared, and the dream ended.

My own baby boy was born three months after I had begun the adoption application process with Abba Adoptions. And I later realised that the month I had this vision, was the same month that my son Israel was born in the natural.

Awaken my church
Over the years, whenever the Lord spoke to me about children, ministry and destiny, He would use a male child who I did not know. However, immediately after the arrival of Israel in our family, the Lord began to use my son’s image. Whether it was in a dream or in a vision, I no longer saw the unknown young boy.

One evening I had a vision in which we were gathered inside a very big church, and we were praying and worshipping the Lord together. Various apostles, pastors, intercessors, and members of the Body of Christ, from different churches, had come together in this one place.

The presence of the Lord filled the temple and the word was preached. However, there was a lot of laughter, joking and playfulness from those who stood on the pulpit.

Eventually the service ended, and everyone went off in their different directions. However, when I stepped out of the church, I saw Albie, the social worker from Abba Adoptions, who had handled my son’s adoption.

In the distance, I saw my son, Israel, as though he was now a toddler and could walk, even though in real life he was only about 7 months old. In this vision he was walking down the street, just outside the church. He was approaching a huge open sewage drain. Both Albie and I began to run speedily towards my son, to try and stop him from falling into that open drain and possibly drowning.

I outran Albie, and got to the open drain first and found that my son had already fallen in. I stood at the edge of the open drain for literally 3 seconds, fearful and calculating how I was going to rescue my son.

On the other hand, Albie arrived at the scene, and without thinking, pausing or calculating, she jumped in, grabbed my son, and threw him into my arms, shouting: “Go wash him! Go wash him!” “This dirt is burning him”.

I ran back into the church with my son in my arms, and found his bath tub already there, with water and soap. I began to wash him, and the vision ended.

The Lord spoke to me
The Lord spoke to me through this vision and said: “This is the state of my church, this is you, and this is the level of your faith.

“Lives are being lost right outside the church buildings, and all my people can do is calculate the risks, get paralysed by doubt and fear, when I have given them everything that they need to take care of my sheep, and to feed them.

“Who will go for me? Who will jump in first? Who is willing to get dirty and to lose their lives, for my sake?”

These words pierced my heart deeply. Because I realised that I was truly lacking faith. I was doubtful and very fearful. How dare I first have to think twice before rescuing my own son from the filthy drain with boiling human dung? That someone else had to jump in for me, rescue my son, on my behalf, and tell me to go wash my son, as if I did not know that, and I needed to be told!

I felt that I needed to share this dream with Albie. When I sent her an email, I found out that at that very moment, Abba Adoptions was embarking on a mission to visit different churches, to inform and educate the body of Christ about adoption.

At Abba’s request I tried to refer them to different church leaders, who could possibly open their church doors and pulpits, for this critical information to get to their members. Sadly enough though, I did not receive responses from the churches that I wrote to.

Stolen destinies
The Bible tells us that people are created in the image and likeness of God, destined to form part of a family, which God has designed and ordered to resemble Himself, His characteristics and His fullness here on earth.

It is the destinies of these individuals, which will in turn impact and influence the destinies of their respective families, communities, societies and nations.

However, there is a great outcry in our streets, in our communities, in our villages, town, cities, and nations. That cry is for some sort of an intervention. Our children are suffering, lost, and some have died right in front of our eyes, still waiting for this intervention.

The world has intervened, in its own way, and has come up with different kinds of solutions — some quite good, and others that have worsened the situation.

As the Church we can all choose to look away, or we can choose to be that intervention that the earth is still yearning for.

To date, we have prophesied, we have preached, evangelised, taught, fasted, prayed, petitioned, and cried before God concerning these situations, and we must continue to do so.

We have also built orphanages, youth centres, engaged government and organisations, you name it, which are all good and honourable things to do.

More required
But the Lord requires more than that from us. He wants us to lay down our own lives for this cause. He wants us to give of our time. He wants us to not only be His hands and feet, but to be His heart, mind, and whole body.

He says to us: “You were lost and needed saving, and I personally came to save you, leaving behind My glory, so that I could come to your level, and fully identify with you.

“You were hungry, and I fed you.

“Would you do the same for these little ones?”

He is asking: “Peter, do you love me? Will you feed my sheep?” ( See John 21:15-17).

We, as parents, fathers and mothers, biological or otherwise, are all charged to protect, nurture, and raise young lives, and see them fulfil the God-given mandate in their own lives.

Statistics provided by UNICEF reveal that there are an estimated 3.7 million orphans in South Africa. Close to half of them have lost their parents to AIDS-related diseases and there are many more children living with sick and bedridden caregivers.

About 150 000 children are believed to be living in child-headed households. Statistics also reveal that, eight out of every 10 children in the world whose parents have died of AIDS, live in Sub-Saharan Africa.

There are more than 34 million orphans in the region today, and some 11 million of them are orphaned by AIDS.

Besides HIV and AIDS being the largest cause of orphans in Africa, there are many other reasons, such as the highest level of divorce, poverty, war, corruption, slaver — just different kinds and levels of injustices.

These statistics are appalling, and almost overwhelming. However there is hope, if each one of us would open our hearts, our families, our homes, our resources, our time, etc, and experience God’s heartbeat, experience the blessing.

There will never be a ‘right time’
There will never be a “right time”.

After my son’s adoption, things seemed to be more difficult for me financially, and otherwise, as I had to focus on both ministry and business.

I understood that the enemy was attacking, but I also got to fully experience the extended and unmerited grace of God. He showed me that He is the one that provides and protects.

As a matter of fact, whenever my carnal mind and heart wants to find an opportunity to say: “At least I have done this. It must be enough. Maybe I can now pull back and focus on me,” the whisper of the still small voice comes again and says: “The harvest is still plentiful. But the workers are few. Whom shall I send, who will go for us”?

Life-giving destiny helpers
God is in need of life-giving destiny helpers, who will protect, raise, nurture, and shape these young lives into fulfilling their destinies.

God is in need of those who will turn the situation from this …
… to this

“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke? Is it not to share your food with the hungry and to provide the poor wanderer with shelter – when you see the naked to clothe them, and not turn away from your own flesh and blood?” — Isaiah 58: 6-8

Who has borne me these? ( See Isaiah 49:8-26)

God’s promise to a once barren and once exiled people, AFRICA. To be continued……….

For free talks / education / empowerment on the subject of adoption, for you or your church, please contact:  Who Has Borne Me These (WHBMT) on whohasbornemethese@gmail.com or +27 74 188 9092

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