Would-be suicide jumper saved by sight of cross

Flashback to the erection of the Cross of Hope.

A Port Elizabeth man who planned to end his life on Valentine’s Day by jumping off Van Staden’s bridge west of the city changed his mind when he saw a cross erected there to give people hope in Jesus.

After noticing the so-called Cross of Hope that was raised on a promontory opposite the bridge in 2013 to deter suicide jumps, the distraught man came under conviction that it was not God’s will for him to kill himself, said PE evangelist Allan Verreynne who has been discipling the man for some months.

Police at Thornhill saw the emotionally-broken, disoriented man on their TV monitors yesterday and persuaded him to return with them to the nearby police station. Police then called Verreyne out to the scene to assist as the man said he would only speak to him.

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“The image and symbol of the cross has not lost it’s spiritual power! The Holy Spirit is still active today! Thank You Lord!” said Verryene.

The Cross of Hope together with a sign saying “Jesus Loves You” was built after Jeffreys Bay businessman Robbie Hift responded to a call from God to build a giant cross at the bridge where 88 people had jumped to their death over the years.

Front cover of a new book written by Cross of Hope visionary Robbie Hift. Hift is looking for a publisher to help distribute the book.

Hift said he embarked on the project by faith and hundreds of people across South Africa caught the vision and the cross was built. The finished cross has already inspired two further cross projects in other parts of the country, he said.

Hift has written a book Will You Build Me a Cross? documenting the story of the Cross of Hope. He says he is looking for a publisher to help with the effective distribution of the book which he believes could inspire the erection of many other crosses to give much-needed hope in Christ. Anybody who can help find a publisher can contact Hift at info@ecmirror.co.za


  1. Our God works in extraordinary and wonderful ways. Bless you Robbie for your obedience.

  2. God provided for the cross Robbie and He able to do it again. God bless