Our youth a chosen generation but under attack — Donnie McClurkin

Donnie McClurkin
US Gospel artist and pastor Donnie McClurkin at the Durban Christian Centre Let it Rain Jesus conference this week.

Three-times Grammy winner, Pastor Donnie McClurkin, warned parents to be vigilant in protecting their children from the perverted images of sex that are available on the internet and often portrayed on TV.

Speaking at the Durban Christian Centre Let it Rain Jesus conference, in Durban. McClurkin, who pastors a large church in New York, said that there was an all-out spiritual attack on children.

Giving graphic details of the horrors of abortion, McClurkin, said that people needed to know the facts about how babies were often dismembered during abortion procedures.

“I believe our young people are a chosen generation, but the devil is waging war against them. When abortion fails our children are tempted by drugs and alcohol and get killed on our streets,” he said.

A demonic influence was threatening our children with rape, physical abuse and poverty, he added.

Parents need to be vigilant
“Parents need to know what their children are watching on their computers and smartphones. Young people will try and emulate what they see. In the old days we watched cowboy movies and every little boy wanted to copy his favourite cowboy hero. Now our children are confronted with adult perversions and confused by what they see,” warned McClurkin.

“In the Sixties we heard the slogan ‘make love not war’ and free love became part of our culture, but the computer age has brought greater threats to our young people. That is why parents need to be aware of what their children are watching. You need to know passwords to your kid’s computers and phones,” he urged.

However despite the dangers, McClurkin was upbeat about the future. Quoting from Joel 2:1,”For the day of the Lord is coming, For it is at hand,” he said our young are a chosen generation and that God was busy restoring what the locust has eaten. (Joel 1:25).

The Durban Christian Centre conference went ahead despite the destruction by fire of the 5 000-seater Jesus Dome on June 7. The conference, which featured guest speakers Edgar Holder, from Holland, Aruna Goroh, from Namibia and Brad Norman, from England, went ahead in a 2 500-seater tent in the parking grounds opposite the ruins of the Jesus Dome.

“It was an amazing conference and I do believe that believers in Durban are uniting as never before in winning the lost for Jesus,” said senior Pastor and host John Torrens.

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  1. It was an amazing conference indeed! Glory be to God!