Zimbabwe intercessors ‘fixing gaze on God’ in ‘final push’ of 90 Days of National Prayer

As an intensive campaign of “90 Days of National Prayer” launched in Zimbabwe on June 1 enters its final weeks resolute intercessors are not deterred by an apparent escalation in corruption, repression and economic collapse in the nation.

“As intercessors we do not focus on the natural realm because often in spiritual warfare the thing being prayed for seems to get worse first, but it always succumbs to the power of God.

“Hence we are not deterred — our assignment is to continue fixing our gaze on God, as we push in the spiritual realm and we know that the natural realm will follow suit (2 Corinthians 5:7).

“While Zimbabwe has immediate challenges our focus is not just on those, but even beyond the 90-days, turning the nation into a 24-hour house of prayer — creating a lifestyle of prayer thus setting the nation on a trajectory of blessings and prosperity (Jeremiah 29:7).”

Pastor Priscilla Wazara

So said Pastor Priscilla Wazara, convenor of the Birthing a Nation prayer platform, which is part of the Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe (EFZ), which launched the campaign which she says has “united the church to unprecedented levels” and has “broken barriers and proffered God-inspired direction for the nation going forward”.

She said the 90-days prayer initiative was birthed in response to 40 difficult years filled with much “discord and security concerns” that Zimbabwe had endured since independence.

“As we reached the landmark of 40 years, God began to speak to various individuals that this was the Kairos time for God’s visitation. It became clear that certain fault lines in the foundations of the nation that God overlooked in the first 40 years now needed to be dug again and the foundation re-laid as it were.

“A bold call out of the occultic foundation in the nation, started by Dr Shingi Munyeza, the immediate past president of the EFZ. The alignment with that call and the confirmation of a change of season led the former presidents of the EFZ to agree and lead the charge to a concerted call to national prayer.

“The current and former presidents of EFZ rallied round the Zimbabwe We Want call, a clear, directional approach to nation-building, well-articulated in a 2006 document expertly put together under the auspices of the Zimbabwe Christian Heads of Denomination (ZHOCD) forum.”

Pastor Priscilla said that God simultaneously provided a strategy for setting up “the critical prayer pillar” through a prophetic word that initially came in the form of a dream she had.

Describing her prophetic dream, she said: “We were at a prayer conference and I was called to the front by the convener of the prayer meeting, who asked me to share what the Lord was saying about the season Zimbabwe is in and how we ought to be praying as a nation. The former presidents of EFZ and some of the heads of denominations were already standing at the front of the altar – and all of them were standing at attention.

“I immediately fell to my knees next to the fathers and began travailing in prayer. A loud voice began to speak over me saying: ‘That’s it! This is the time for Zimbabwe. That’s it. Keep pushing. Bring out the battering ram against the stronghold that has resisted the destiny of your nation.’

“The scenario suddenly changed and I found myself in a place that was said to be the heart of Zimbabwe in the middle of a bush and there was a massive concrete wall with thick pillars supporting the wall. In the dream, I knew in my spirit that I had to walk over and place my hands on the wall and I began to travail in prayer. As I continued in travail, the voice that first spoke at the altar in the prayer meeting spoke again and said: ‘Push, this is the time to give birth as you bring down the demonic strongholds that have resisted you; continue to use the battering ram.’

“I started seeing people from the four corners of Zimbabwe start to appear. They were of different ages, classes, races and they all seemed to know what to do as they placed their hands on this concrete wall and travailed. The voice continued to say: ‘Push, it is time to give birth. I have given you the grace as you travail in prayer to bring down the stronghold. Then I woke up.”

Pastor Priscilla said that as soon as she woke up she put pen to paper and the Holy Spirit began to give her the interpretation of the dream, which became the basis of the prayer strategy for the 90 Days of National Prayer around systematic prayer, Scripture, declarations and fasting.

“The President of the EFZ, Bishop Never Muparutsa gave the mandate to birthing a nation to proceed with the 90 days of National Prayer, working alongside Pastor Ed Gravel of the EFZ Intercessors desk.

“He also appointed Apostle Langton Gatsi as the apostolic head of the intercession mandate. An anointed intercessor and part of the International Generals of Intercession, Apostle Gatsi has enabled a broad-based participation of the Body of Christ in the initiative, particularly through identifying, inviting, and, scheduling prayer watch leaders,” she said.

The initiative’s format comprises two daily prayer watches (6am – 7am and 8.30pm – 9.30pm); a Word watch (Scripture is read out aloud in the seven most-spoken languages in Zimbabwe at 10am daily); declarations at 1pm daily; worship at 8pm every evening; 24-hour prayer cover and 90-day chain fasting cover.

Prayer points are issued daily in the main languages in both written and audio form to facilitate prayer in remote areas and for those not able to access the online platforms (Zoom, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

The team had also been led by the Holy Spirit to embark on special prayer assignments at certain points of the campaign — such as their “Feast of Redemption” to mark their 50th day from 6pm on July 19 to 6pm on July 20. It was a jubilee celebration in which they proclaimed the favour of the Lord through a continuous 24-hours of praying, reading the Word, worshipping and making sacrificial offerings.

“We are currently preparing for the final push, which we have named “Divine Reversal”, which will take place from Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 August during the annual National Heroes Holiday,” said Pastor Priscilla. The idea of this 24-hour prayer focus is to “agree with Heaven for a divine reversal so that we break free from the cycle of warfare from the last 40 years to a new path of deliverance, healing and wholeness” and to come in line with the redemptive purposes of the land.

During each of the eight watches of the “Divine Reversal”, there will be an hour each of worship, the Word declarations and prayer.

Pastor Priscilla said that the ambitious 90 Days of National Prayer had been made possible by a dedicated technical team and task force that worked very long hours to ensure that everything ran smoothly.

“Above all, the hand of God has been very apparent in the initiative thus far, sending the nation into convulsions both in the spiritual and physical realms. There is full conviction and answer to the question in Isaiah 66:9: ‘Can a nation be born in a day?’.

“And through the expression of the 90 Days of prayer initiative, Zimbabwe has roared: ‘YES, ZIMBABWE WILL BE BORN IN A DAY!!!’” she said.


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  5. Apostle NF Macheka

    It is very true and common that when you are engaged in serious business with God, the devil also assigns his high powered demons to deal with you but we are not weakened because we more than conqueres through Jesus the Christ and the battle was long won at Calvary.

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  7. Judith Mukarakate

    To God be the glory

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