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Julita Kok is once again handing the steering wheel over to Jesus — this time on a road trip with God through Namibia. Read Episode 9 of her weekly reports here.

The beautiful south of Namibia now

Oh wow!!! I cannot believe that I have been here in Namibia for 10 weeks already. Travelled 9 500km to date. And entering my last week now. I am in the south of Namibia, the Aroab region, moving to Ariamsvlei over the weekend.

This is very, very harsh country and very rocky. They farm with sheep and cattle and nothing else really grows here. And yet, God is showing me all the water and fruit that will be here in the near future. The one farmer I visited here, now has a fountain that has opened up and they took me there. It is absolutely amazing to see all this water coming from the ground. It just flows out from the soil. Amazing!!

They have a huge locust problem here at the moment, but the farmers who understand their spiritual authority have the least of these millions of pesty pedestrians and flying locusts on their land. I do believe that this invasion is finished now, as God told me to use my spiritual weapons on these pests. He gave me spiritual weapons before I left for Namibia to be used here as He commands, and yesterday I had to use them on the locusts. What a God we serve!

The past week was difficult for me. I had to deal with so many people with issues from their past. Had to deal with mindsets, guilt from the past, forefathers, lots and lots of hurt, unforgiveness, dark sins — so many things.

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Such a lot of deep hurt and people love clinging on to the hurt. Although they hate the situations, it is comfortable to stay in that place of hate and hurt and we had to deal with so many things. But God is faithful and so many people were set free. But, not everything is that easy. I also found people who decided to stay in their circumstances. To them it is just easier. But I do trust God that even these people will, with time, give everything over to a loving God. It is so sad to meet someone that truly believes Jesus died for everybody, except for him. And he then just cannot except the gift of Jesus’s blood for himself. For his family yes, but not for him. You fight a mindset at such a time and not the person. A mindset so set and so fatal, it is just sad to see. But God has His ways, so I do believe that somehow, somewhere, even these people will be set free.

The drought brought many things. Death, despair, debt, depression, devastation, doubt — it seems like a lot of Ds. But after the rains came and the veld turned green again and the animals (what are left of the herds) can feed again, hope stirred. I started in the south and am now ending in the south in a different area. I visited the farm where I first started. And to see the difference in the veld, the animals and the people is truly amazing.

Water flowing from the ground

The farmer I started with told me straight out when I got here: “ I do not need nice little stories, I do not need more Scriptures and I certainly do not need nice words! All I need is to see results”. That was the bottom line and I realised…. it is the truth. Their reality is so devastating — they need change!! Being back here after 10 weeks, it is sooooo satisfying to see what God has done. They have so much hope again. Things have been turning around for them. This farmer told me last night:“Julita, I am soooo excited for the future!!” And if this is all I came to do in Namibia, to bring hope to a people who felt deserted by God, then I have accomplished much. Jesus truly came and touched so many hearts that I can only stand in amazement.

He not only touched the hearts of the people, but He came to heal the land; the soil was touched; nature was touched. Everybody is talking about what God has done in the land. And that is so good to see.

I came to a very dry and thirsty land, but I am now seeing a beautiful, changed land both in the hearts of the people and the soil. Isaiah 35 coming to life right in front of my eyes.

God has been good to me. I have once again, changed the most. You just simply cannot see God at work like this and not be changed forever!! I saw a God who loves beyond the deepest sin. And believe me, I found sin on such a deep dark level here in Namibia, but God’s love goes beyond that.

Southern sunset

The thing that truly amazed me the most, was to see how God has His children everywhere. I came to farms, I tell you, that are truly in the middle of nowhere. You can drive for hours before you find the next living thing and yet, God has His children there, the Holy Spirit teaching them Godly things, relevant things. You would think that these people are “behind”, but this was the beauty of it all. They are absolutely on top of what are currently the seasons and times of God. And they have very limited cellular access. Sometimes for long periods nothing at all. So they are not being fed by Youtube — the Holy Spirit teaches them. I had the most awesome conversations with some of these farmers concerning the times of God. I loved it.

So I am moving into my last week here in Namibia, very expectant of what God is about to do and then of course, once I am back in SA, to hear all the testimonies. I have seen people healed, baptised in the Spirit, being set free, receiving revelation knowledge, restored, saved and filled with new hope and expectation. What is more satisfying than standing in God’s glory and seeing a loving God at work!!! I feel so privilege to have witnessed it all.

Two days ago, a man who was molested for years from the age of 5, and who had consequently suffered all his life –now in his sixties — was set free. A big man crying like a baby and the joy on his face after being tormented for years!!!! YEARS!!!! I drove away and could only cry and cry and cry myself. No words for what happened in that place.

But such is our God!!! Jesus came to set the captives free and He is still doing it today!! And I get to witness some of these moments. I am sooooo wealthy!!! And so humbled because I do realise, not everybody has these opportunities to see God at work like this.

As I am entering my last week, I am also at a place of asking God: “What next?” And am yet to receive that answer. But for now, let me enjoy the south of Namibia and what God has prepared for me. I sure am going to miss these absolutely beautiful open spaces.

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  1. What a journey. In time, many will get to hear about it. You should publish a book about On the Road with God.