Jesus take the wheel: Namiba edition: Week 9 — Julita Kok

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Julita Kok is once again handing the steering wheel over to Jesus — this time on a road trip with God through Namibia. Read Episode 9 of her weekly reports here.

I am writing to you from the small town of Aranos, very close to the border of Namibi and Botswana. I have, up to date, travelled 8500km and have been on the road for eight weeks. I am actually feeling as if I am now on my way back to South Africa, but there are still another two to three weeks. But that which lies before is less than that which lies behind.

I had one amazing week in the Lord. I saw restoration of families taking place, saw God at work in ways that just makes me want to shout it out as it is so amazing. God is not a man that He should lie. And He is fulfilling His promises. This is the thing that mostly blows my mind. If He said it…. He does it.

So when I started in Namibia, I started in the South. Very, very harsh conditions and very dry area. But as I prayed on this one farmer’s land I kept on seeing all this water. I asked him if he had a spring on the farm and he said he had never in his lifetime seen one, neither had his dad, but his grandfather spoke about a well when he started in the area. God also gave me Isaiah 35 which speaks of the desert land turning into a fountain land. Not possible in the natural it seems. Especially here. But this morning, I received a video from this father showing me that water is pouring out from the soil. By itself. Just as God said it would. I am totally overwhelmed. I was there. It is such a dry, waterless country, but I kept on seeing (in the Spirit) the water under the ground. Kept seeing it pouring out. How awesome is God!!! This brings sooooo much hope. I am attaching the video for you to see.

And then I had the most amazing experience over the weekend. I met a man and his wife who stayed over on the same farm as me and God told me to give it ALL to him. I let Romans 8 rain down on him for hours at a time. It changed his whole life. I could not help myself. I just kept at him with the fullness of Romans 8. Over and over again. What happened next, I never expected in all my life. At the breakfast table, he told me how he could never go back to being the same man he came as. He is a changed human being and I totally rocked his world with all the revelation. He told me: “You are my Ruth Heflin.” By now you know how Ruth impacted my life 30 years ago and she changed my life forever. For him to say this, humbled me beyond anything. It was sooooo cool also.

But then at the breakfast table he said that he wanted to share his story. He trusted me and except for his wife, he had never shared it with other people. And he did not mind the other people at the table, as they had journeyed with him throughout that day.

He is 49. He told us that since he can remember, he had never felt that he belonged in his family. He could not explain it. It just never felt like he belonged. His parents were very good to him, but somehow he never felt he belonged.

Only in his 30s did he find out the truth. His mother gave birth to him out of wedlock and later married the man he knew as his father. His mother and family hid this knowledge from him. Never spoke of it. His mother also told him that his blood father paid a monthly maintenance amount towards his upkeep and that he had never rejected him. They just never met and he had no knowledge of this man. By the time she told him his blood father had already passed away and he never met him. Later, his mother also passed away, and he knew that he would never meet his dad. And he wanted us to be witnesses to a decision he was making to put the whole saga behind him. BUT NOT GOD!!

The other people at the table heard him say where he was born and it was the town from which they came. They asked him who his father was and to everybody’s absolute amazement, his blood father was a very close friend of this man!!! Can you imagine that!!! And the man said as he had no children, he had decided to take his friend’s son under his wing and told this man, telling his story: “I can introduce you to your brother!!! He lives an hour away!!!” What!!! We were all in tears and could not believe what was unfolding right in front of our eyes!! To cut a long story short……this gentleman set up a meeting between the two brothers (who by the way, look like brothers…. he showed us a picture) and they left a few hours later to go meet this brother who neither of them knew they had.

And what an interesting meeting. The brother could immediately see the resemblance to his late father. My new friend heard he also has two half sisters and they decided to keep contact and get to know each other. My new friend could for the first time also lay eyes on his blood father, as the half brother had many pictures.

Oh man!!!! I simply love it when God comes to restore and surprise like this. It took Romans 8 for this man to open up to me and tell me his story in order for the other man to make the connection!!! Is God not just such an amazing, amazing God!!

I can never be the same after this trip. I have experienced so many wonderful things and people and seen God at work in the most amazing ways. How can I not love Him!!!!

So, now I am on my way to the last part of my journey…. the south. Another part of the south which I did not visit in the beginning. And I am excited to see what God has in store there. I have soooo many other stories to tell, but will get to them all in my other articles.

But for now I am just reminded to be still, and know that He is God. He sure has it all under control and we need not fear anything. His love is a banner over us. And this is more than enough for me. What a mighty God we serve!!!

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  1. I love these stories. I shared them with my sister in Scotland and now she follows Julita and is blessed by all the testimonies.