Bible marathon starts — still a few slots left

There are still a few slots left to participate in the Bible reading marathon in Despatch from 5am on Friday October 26 to some time on Monday October 29.

“Most of the registered slots were filled by random individuals, save for families of Despatch which booked a few group slots at a time”, said Illona De Wit founder of Bible Marathon.

The event will start in the  Despatch Main Town Hall from 5am on Friday and will continue 24 hours a day (right through the night) until Monday late afternoon (more or less), making up 4 days and 3 nights.

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The available reading slots will remain open until the marathon begins. A backup reader will fill any unclaimed slots to ensure the continuation of the reading of the Word of God.

De With, the mother of two behind the innovative event, says the response from the community has been amazing, “I was contacted by a man from the Western Cape (after he read the article in Gateway News) inquiring from me how a similar event can be held in his city”, she said.

She said the late shift times (12am to 6am) for all three nights have been “filled by men of God determined to read one after another repeatedly for the duration”.

She said God has been incredible about ensuring the event was well marketed. The word spread like wildfire, thanks to Christian news sites, radio stations, and other Christian sites.

“Most of the responses to the Bible Reading Marathon have been with a lot of excitement, people ready to share their love for the Word of God”, De Wit said.

Though the precise duration of the event is uncertain, it is estimated that it will take about 84 hours.

“I am estimating that we should reach the halfway mark in the Bible by 10.30 on Saturday night – (more or less Psalm 118). This will be an indication that we are on time with the reading,” De Wit said.

People are welcome to come along and listen to the word of God being read out aloud.

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