Call to participate in Bible Reading Marathon in Despatch

Illona de Wit, left and Elmarita Wicks, looking forward to the Bible Reading Marathon planned for October 26 to 29.

A Despatch wife and mother of two toddlers, Illona de Wit, is organising a Bible reading marathon in the Despatch Main Town Hall from 5am on Friday October 26 to approximately 8pm on Monday October 29.

“The Lord placed the Bible Reading Marathon in my heart, and my heart’s desire is to do the will of God. I hope that it will grow into a yearly event and that it would spread across the country for the glory of God and to create a hunger in people for the Word of God,” she said.

She said she hoped that churches, schools, families and other organisations will take part in the event which will not be linked to any ministry but will be a multicultural Christian initiative.

The Bible Reading Marathon logo.

“During the marathon the Word of God will be proclaimed into the spiritual realm and over the metropolitan area,” she says in an invitation to Christians to take part.

Participants will join in reading the Bible publicly from the start of Genesis to the end of Revelation in 15 minute slots, taking an estimated 84 hours to read it through continuously.

English, Afrikaans and Xhosa versions of the Bible will be available for the readers. People will be welcome to sit and listen to the word of God being proclaimed during the reading.

Magnifying inspired Word of God
“The Lord has planted the seed of this event in our hearts and this event will give us an opportunity to publicly magnify the inspired Word of God which is profitable for instruction in righteousness.

“The Word of God is holy and Psalm 138:2 reminds us that God exalts His Word above His own name. God’s nature and character are revealed through His Word.

“His Word should therefore take preeminence in our lives and in the country of South Africa.

“We further believe that this event will bring interest in God’s Word and that Christian believers will start to read the Word for themselves. We further strongly believe that this initiative will bring unity among churches in the metropolitan area,” De Wit writes.

Prospective marathoners are asked to complete the application form — one per individual — and return forms to Illona at / 073 350 6999 or to Elmarita Wicks, who is helping her organise the event, at / 072 357 2829. Completed forms can also be faxed to 086 212 6542.

Individuals can reserve 15 minutes reading slots and groups may sign up for blocks of time should a group of people wish to read one after another.

Illona and Elmarita are currently busy scheduling time slots and will confirm with applicants whether their requested times are available.

Any inquiries about the event can be emailed to

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  1. Mardelyn Erasmus

    Dit gaan n groot sukses wees.Oor n jaar of so behoort dit in alle provinsies gedoen te word. Dankie Here dat ons U kan loof en prys.