Jesus healed her of autism and mental illness

Jesus does heal autism, neurological disabilities and mental illness, says Shellique Carby-Bird, 31, of Pietermaritzburg, who has experienced healing and freedom from her own suffering in those areas through the power of prayer and Christian ministry. Shellique who has a long history of health issues including Asperger syndrome (a type […]

I’m allergic to my husband but God is our rock

Originally published in The Christian Institute Twenty-nine-year-old Johanna Watkins cannot touch her husband or even be in the same room as him. After getting married, she was diagnosed with a complicated condition called Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, rendering her severely allergic to scents, foods, sunlight and other people. The former […]

Fears grow genetically modified embryos could be created within months

Originally published in Christian Today Fears are mounting that the genetic modification of human embryos could happen in British laboratories within months. The fertility regulator will decide today whether scientists at the Francis Crick Institute can alter the genes of human embryos donated by IVF patients. If passed, the researchers […]

Porn linked to child abuse

Originally published in Times Live Porn addicts are at high risk of sexually abusing children, including their own. This is according to research by Dr Antoinette Basson, of Unisa’s youth research unit, who interviewed convicted child-sex offenders in prisons in Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal and Western Cape. The study, which focused on […]

Studies confirm the healing power of prayer

Originally published in Newsmax Health For the devout, there never has been any question that prayer has the power to heal. Now, more and more medical research from leading hospitals and universities across the US has shown conclusively a belief in God really IS good for you, making you healthier […]

Teen marijuana smokers damage brain, impair long term memory and learning

Originally published in Christian Examiner New research reveals that teen pot smokers damage the actual shape of their brains, causing long term memory problems as adults. According to the study conducted atNorthwestern University and published March 12 in the journal Hippocampus, researchers evaluated 97 people from a prior study whose pattern […]