Beating burnout

[notice]A monthly Christian sport column by Cobus Kruger, a professional triathlete who is passionate about evangelism, leadership and community development through sport.[/notice] Burnout is a term most sports people know and want to avoid, but sometimes the unavoidable happens and one hits the dreaded burnout state.  At that time questions […]

Focusing on the BIGGER picture

The game is finished.  You feel exited, disappointed, frustrated or you could just be thinking: ‘”If only he kicked the ball” or “If only he did not knock the ball” or “If only he prevented the breakaway”. You now sit and wait for the interview with the captain or athlete […]

Brazil 2014: 10 amazing God moments of the World Cup

Originally published in Christianity Today They say faith and football don’t mix (‘they’ being Wayne Rooney’s PR team). But the 2014 World Cup has been packed with examples of the blurry line between the two. From players thanking Jesus to others just acting like him, the fingerprints of God have […]