Change of plan for PE bridge prayer warfare event

The prayer warfare campaign against suicide jumps off Van Stadens Bridge near Port Elizabeth, will be held on a platform overlooking the bridge — and no longer on top of the bridge.

The change of plan for the prayer event on November 24 follows a decision by the National Roads Agency, SANRAL, to decline permission for the prayers to convene on the bridge, says coordinator, Pastor Geert Jansingh.

The prayer exercise will operate mainly from a platform above and alongside the bridge, from the Van StadensWild Flower Reserve.

Registration for the event are now closed and all participants are asked to attend a final meeting at the AFM Crossroads Church hall in Westering at 19h30 on Tuesday November 20. Participants should bring their flags, shofars, and tambourines  for a final run-through of the event. Anybody who needed help with

 After the Van Stadens Bridge event, there will be other warfare prayer events at other well-known Gates in and out of our City, in Blue Water Bay/CDC, Harbour/Railway Station, Airport, Uitenhage Road, Stanford Road and Mission Road, says Jansingh. Pastor Joan Keeling  of Transformation Christian Network is co-ordinating these  events.

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