Church in NMB called to “Praying for Our City Event”

Pastor Joan Keeling.

Nelson Mandela Bay Christians who desire to see revival in the Church and blessing in the Bay should not miss a special citywide prayer gathering at the Feather Market Centre from 14h00 on Sunday, December 9, says Nelson Mandela Bay Christian Network prayer coordinator Pastor Joan Keeling.

A prayer day on October 22, 2011, at Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium was a very special day for about 5 000 Christians who attended, she says. The day ended with a “most unusual and amazingly glorious sunset” which seemed to be a sign of God’s favour on the event. This year, there has been a call for the whole church to gather again. This time the meeting will be at the Feather Market Hall.

“Recently, God has been doing some very precious things in our Metro, like bringing many of our Church Leaders together in a relational unity and a unity-of-purpose. This 2012 meeting is under the covering of this church leadership,” says Keeling.

The call for the prayer gathering originally came from the NMB Executive Mayor, Zanoxolo Wayile, who was anointed with oil by church leader at last year’s stadium rally.

The programme for the “Praying For Our City” prayer event will be built around an exciting Nehemiah vision for united action by the Body of Christ in NMB to “rebuild the walls of the city”.

The Emmanuel Gospel Group, an interdenominational ministry that has been on the road for 32 years and has been used throughout Africa, will be facilitating the worship. The congregation will pray for God’s blessing upon the Church, Business, Government, Education, Family, Media and Communication, Arts and Entertainment and Sport., as well as for leaders in all of these domains. There will also be prayer for the Mayor, councilors and church leaders.


  1. Is this event really on the 9 December or has it passed by in November?