Does God have a plan for SA?

A question that is permeating my mind right now is whether or not God has a plan for South Africa. Is it in the workings of God to have plans for nations and people or has He left every nation to fend for itself? I am asking this because of all the shenagenians that have taking place in my country lately. We are constantly making international news for all the wrong reasons. Is there a plan or we going to continue to fumble from one tragedy to the next?

When talking to some believers I get the feeling they do not believe that there is a plan or if they accept that there is one then they perhaps believe that we have long since derailed from it. The commentary from some Christians regarding the state of the nation is not dissimilar to that which emanate from the world. They make the same sound that unbelievers are making. They predict doom and gloom and all kinds of catastrophes.

‘Believers should not talk like this’
There’s one country that is often used as a scarecrow regarding the trajectory our country is taking and that country is Zimbabwe. I hear a lot of talk that this country is going on the way of Zimbabwe or other failed African states. I understand when this type of pessimism comes from unbelievers but believers should not talk like this. The reason being is that we are a prophetic people and should always be informed by God’s prophetic word.

He has a word for this country and that word does not include us imploding like other failed countries in Africa. By the way there are many other failed countries in the world but the African continent is a favorite place to point when making references to failure. It is like we have invented the word “failure.” My point is that the prophetic utterances given about this country include the fact that we would be the light for the continent and the world.

Prophetic language
I know that we do not see that now but this is why it is a prophetic language. It refers to the future and not to the present. Many people did not see that in 1994 we would transition into a new dispensation without civil war. I know we are discouraged by what is going on but we should remind ourselves that God does not operate in the realm of negativity but in positivity. We have to be optimistic despite the many blunders of our current government.

We have to remind ourselves that our heavenly government is not prone to such misdemeanors as our current civil government. You know there is one thing that the Bible constantly enjoins us not to do and that is not to fear. I mean you hear this theme throughout the Bible – “do not fear.” God seldom says this in the absence of danger but in the presence of it. We must reject fear and all that accompanies it and this includes fear-filled words, thoughts and actions.

At 3am on February the 13th this year I had a break-in in my home. I woke up to find an intruder in my study with two others standing outside. He had gained entrance by throwing a rock through the window and then passed on to his accomplices whatever valuable things he could get his hands on. This included a laptop and a tablet computer. These people were organised and carried torches with them. After they escaped I drove after them but I and even the security company could not find a trace of them.

After this incident I became more security conscious and that in itself is not a bad thing. The only bad thing is when I felt I was becoming a bit paranoid and my reliance on God had waned. I felt invaded and this was not even the first time I had experienced such a thing but I should not  have felt powerless. I am as powerful now as I was when those three wicked people broke into our home. My power does not lie the circumstances I face but in the God who possess all power.

I know about the crime stats of this country but I believe a time will come when we shall know peace again. I believe God will have the last word and that word will be according to the plan He has for us. Our politics and social sphere may make us uncertain but we should refuse to ride the wave of uncertainty.


  1. Mr.Mhlope
    Amen! You have so “Rightfully dividing the Word of God…”

  2. Margaret Ferguson

    Suggest that Mt Mhlope reads Landa Cope’s Book ‘An Introduction to The Old Testament Template. Rediscovering God’s principles for discipling nations. (Christian book – excellent) God gave her a word why the African continent was in a poor state. The Christian church has not been the change agents out in the nation that God meant them to be biblically . Goes back to Victorian evangelism and mission – the FULL gospel has not been practised. Another book ‘Change Agents ‘ by Os Hillman. Also need to look at some books on African spirituality – Matthew ASHIMOLOWO – WHAT’S WRONG WITH BEING BLACK – NOTHING? or ‘Transforming the heart of Africa’ by Vaughn Martin. I believe Africa has a future but it needs to latch on to God’s plan – it is not unconditional. Like Israel, nations can be ‘in bondage’if they are disobedient to God.

    • Hi Margaret,

      Thanks for the recommendations. All the authors you have mentioned make a good contribution of the subject of purpose and destiny. I agree that the Christian Church has not fulfilled its role as an instrument of change. I pray that God will help us to release from the bondage cause by disobedience.


  3. “If My people, who are called by My Name would humble themselves and pray, and turn from their wicked way,THEN would I hear from heaven and heal their land” 2Chron 7v14. I have been seeking the Lords face for a few years almost daily crying out for not just our nation but the whole of Africa, breaking the power of the words “deepest dark Africa” reminding the Lord of the sacrifices made by the missionaries that came to these shores and the price they paid and the promises He made to them. I believe that unity in the church will come first and then like a mighty rushing wind the Holy Breathe of God the Spirit of truth will sweep thru Africa from Cape to Cairo and back!We must remember the power of words, speak destiny and Holiness over Africa bind darkness,witchcraft,greed and every plan of the wicked one, cry out for His Light and His Glory to cover us and fill this land. Silence the voice of the emeny oh God.

    • Hi Merryl,

      Indeed prayer is our weapon of victory. We should pray without ceasing. Yesterday I was attending a service where ministry was done by students studying at Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry from Redding in the US. They gave a prophetic word which emphasised the importance of unity. Leaders from different denominations were asked to come in front as agents of unity in the city. God wants His Church to be one before He releases the power.

  4. Well said man of God I used to live in greenvillage in Soweto Gauteng people make high walls and burglars frm gate to doors to windows but when the intruders come they brake all those and take what ever in the house I was renting there was no wall and no burglar gate and in the main road not evn once had my family bn violeted bcoz I believed in Gods protection over my family in all SA also has what it takes to be a blessed country we just hv to believe in divine favour of God on us stop all this negativity

    • I just returned with a family from my church from a 3 day camp. The key to the house was not locking and so they left their home unlocked for all those days. Guess what, nothing to the house in that time. I am not saying we should be irresponsible but that we should trust God more than we trust our security systems. Another believer mistakenly left his bag at the reception of a fancy hotel in Port Elizabeth. It contained his laptop, iPad, his and his wife’s passports, and other valuables. By the time he came back it was gone. The hotel viewed the security footage and yet could not make out who took the bag.
      I am sure you get my point sis Lungiswa.
      Thanks and bless you

  5. Pastor Afrika thank you for being the voice of hope in Africa. I also believe in what God has said about our Country. He has certainly said we will be a light for other African countries and the whole world. We have seen what God has done for South Africa and God will do it again as long as we do not forget Him. South Africa will be the be peacefull and will have great impact in Africa, the world will know that God’s hand is upon South Africa. Thank you Pastor I will keep on praying and speaking life until our words of life becomes our reality.

    • Thank you Ncedo.
      Aligning yourself to a prophetic word can sometimes look like a foolish thing to do. Think about Simeon who waited for fulfillment of God’s word regarding the birth of the Messiah. This man had received word that he will not see death until he has seen the Lord’s Christ. He lived for this word and similarly we should live for a promise of a better and God-fearing country.

  6. Dear Afrika – I loved your question “Does God have a plan for South(ern) Africa” Well yes He does and scripture indicates a time of restoration and an amerging Godly country that will bring the offerings that God requires of us. See Isaiah 18:1-7 (especially vs 7) there’s a time of “woe” )(could it have been apartheid?)but a time of full restoration. It speaks of the country beyond the rivers of Ethiopia(ancient) that is Southern Africa. Also see, Zephaniah 3:3-12 – God certainly has a plan for Africa – Yes, notably Southern Africa.
    God Bless you
    Mark Clifford

    • Hi Mark,
      I just read the Scriptures you referred me to. Thank you for adding weight to this truth that God has a plan for this continent. Christians should make it their duty to inquire of the Lord and not secular media. It is God who has the answers.

  7. Dear Pastor Africa – Thank you for this message – it is true and should be heard by all Christians in SA, At present I’m living in UK for a while but I know that Jesus is the only answer for our land and people. His plans for us are perfect and as we seek His face repent and pray He will hear and heal our land. Brenda

    • Thanks Brenda, it is good to know that you are keeping in touch with what is going on here in SA even while staying in the UK.
      I suppose much of the attention there is on the death of the former Prime Minister, Margaret Tatcher. Anyway, yes God does have a plan for SA

  8. Thanks, Afrika for raising the Question of “Hope for Africa”, but it was Mark Clifford quoting Isaiah who gave a more solid reason for this hope. We cannot rely on our own subjective wishful hope as a basis for prophecy. Jeremiah 6:14, 18:1-29:9 warn against such false prophets. Recently a wishful prophecy was made over the now-dismissed mayor of P.E. This should update God’s warnings against such wish-prophecies. Most of the national prophecies in Scripture predict “doom and gloom”, and it IN such times of danger that God says His people must not fear. He is in control of His judgment. Margaret Ferguson says it so well: I believe Africa has a future but it needs to latch on to God’s plan – it is not unconditional. Like Israel, nations can be ‘in bondage’if they are disobedient to God. GOD’S NATIONAL BLESSINGS ARE CONDITIONAL Jer. 9:23,24 and 22:15,16. Read HOPE FOR AFRICA AND WHAT THE CHRISTIAN CAN DO by George Kinoti, Aisred, Nairobi ISBN 9966-9922-0-0

    • Thank Hugh. I am also concerned about expressing our desire as a prophetic word of the Lord but even when I do not know God’s will for a situation I believe in positive speaking and maintaining a positive posture.
      We are obviously in a better position when we know for sure God’s will for any situation. You will have to forgive me in that I do not believe in the doom and gloom part. Yes I believe the wicked will continue to suffer because of their wickedness but I believe something better awaits those who trust in the Lord. I agree that God’s promises are conditioned on us obeying Him.
      By the way I am not sure if I thanked you for the book on Amadlozi. If I didn’t then I forgot, so thank you and blessings.

  9. If the leaders of our Country and those placed in positions of Power and Authority, do right and mend their conducts, and believe in God and The Second Coming Of Jesus Christ, then all the violence in South Africa will end. Further, we may have a bad reputation abroad regarding crime in our country, but no one wants to know about the criminals we have here from other countries. Thank you for this article. Yes, God has Plans for all human beings who believer in Him and His Commandments.

    • Thanks Charmaine. You are raising another important issue regarding the presence of lawless immigrants in SA. It is true that it is not only South Africans who are responsible for this country’s crime wave but I suppose we are responsible for the conditions that makes commiting crime here easier. We need to obey the Lord and HIs holy word for things to change.

  10. The ‘spark’ that will light the ‘touch-paper’ for world revival will come from within the ‘Mother City’, Cape Town in South Africa. Quis Separabit!

    • Hey Piperjame. Some of us think PE is the place where the spark will be lit. Anyway anywhere in SA is alright. Blessings

    • HaHa. When I was in Bloem last year I met brothers who are certain the spark will start there. Perhaps God is preparing different facets of His SA revival plan in different centres in response to the hunger of His people throughout the nation.

      • Maybe we should start trying to own the move of God Andre and just be happy when He moves. Denominations also do the same thing, trying to own what God is doing and therefore project themselves as being better than other denominations.
        We should say, Lord move, even if you don’t use me.

  11. Margaret Ferguson

    Thanks for your reply Afrika.. God gave British me a prophecy and words of revelation that just amazed me and prophecy over me compelled me to write. I have written one book waiting to be published and nearly finished second. Surprise Sithole pastor from Nelspruit, is on the wave length – revival will be through prayer and repentance but MUST be in the unity of the Spirit. Piperjames is correct prophetically – due to start in cape town for restoration across the African continent but if Cape Town drops the ‘plumb line’, I have no doubt it will be somewhere else. However, whatever God’s plans for S Africa (and I write about them) – they will come to naught if the people are disobedient to what God is saying.

    • You are welcome Margaret. Cape Town, PE, Bloemfontein, anywhere in SA. Please Lord, let the fire burn. I believe that despite our disobedience and divisive actions God will still perform His desire for this nation. I think even if He finds one person. I would like to be that person. Blessings

  12. Yes, indeed Afrika, God does have a plan for South Africa and Africa for that matter. I clearly recall the prophetic call which opened the International Conference of the ICCC held at Rhema Church in Johannesburg in 2000. “Arise, shine; for your light has come! And the glory of the Lord is risen upon you.” A quote from Isaiah 60:1, but applied to Africa. God has a plan, nothing and nobody will persuade me otherwise. Why else did he endow this continent with more riches than any other continent in the world?

    • Hi Mike, Isaiah 60:1 is actually a Scripture laid in mu heart for the KMMC. It is indeed the time for us to arise. Thank you for confirming that

  13. Dear Afrika,
    God has indeed got a plan for SA,and like all He purposes to do it is perfect. Satan, however, can delay but not thwart God’s plans. What we see so often is Satan’s actions through people.But in the end, God will use us if we persevere in faith.

    • You are right Lawrie, the enemy also has his own devices. This is the reason we are also seeing the prolification of false miracles. The enemy knows we are desperate and feeds us also even what is false.
      God will have the last word though.