Ex Muslim’s dreams lead to ‘life changing’ Mighty Men experience

Yushriq Dolley (front) worshiping the Lord at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2013.
Yushraq Dolley (front) worshiping the Lord at the Karoo Mighty Men Conference 2013.

When 19-year-old Yushraq Dollie looked at a crowd of nearly
6 000 women at a Cape Town Christian conference where his Muslim mother got ‘saved’, he asked himself: “Where are the men?”

That was at the Hillsong Colour Conference in mid April. Little did Dollie know that God was about to take him on an extraordinary journey to the Karoo Mighty Men Conference (KMMC) at the end of April.

Dollie began to respond to Jesus seven years ago while in Grade 8 through the ministry of a group of students who visited his school weekly to share the gospel. He accepted Christ at a Christian camp in 2007 although he knew that he would face rejection by his Muslim family.

It has been a tough, yet blessed season. His family has been ravaged by marital problems, domestic abuse and crime. His sister was molested by a relative. His cousin was shot three times and lost her baby while he was writing his matric examinations. His father was stabbed nine times in Johannesburg – and survived. He was turned out of his home because of his faith in Jesus and spent years staying with the families of various friends in between stints back at home. At times he felt angry with God because of the tribulations. But Dollie, who loves to worship God while playing his guitar said worship has been a key to experiencing God’s joy and grace most of the time. While staying with a friend whose father is the CEO of a national company, the whole family came to Christ and got rid of Buddah statues, crystals and books on various religions. Other people got ‘saved’ and transformed in homes where he stayed, in taxis he used and at a service station where he worked last year, he said.

A family that was transformed while Yushriq Dolley stayed with them for two weeks and shared his testimony and passion for Jesus.
A family that was transformed while Yushraq Dollie stayed with them for two weeks and shared his testimony and passion for Jesus.

In a great breakthrough, his mother, Ferozia, who is separated from her husband, accepted Jesus at the Colour Conference last month. As he looked at all the women at the conference and listened to the message to them to shine their light for Christ, he asked God where the men were. He was conscious of men who physically and sexually abused women and children, and of his Muslim father’s bitterness and rejection of him because of his faith in Jesus.

The night after the Colour Conference in mid April he had a dream about worshiping God together with thousands of men. After he had a second, similar dream, he found out about the KMMC taking place the following week and was prompted by God to register for the event and to trust Him to get him there.

He said God told him that he was raising his army in South Africa at the Mighty Men Conference.

He said that on Wednesday April 24 he registered online for the KMMC that was starting in Middelburg on Friday April 26. The next day he received encouraging phone calls from KMMC organisers responding to his online message that he was from a Muslim family and was trusting God to get him there. And early on the Friday morning he was on a bus full of men setting out on the 800km drive to Middelburg – with his trip sponsored by one of the men.

‘Caused revival in my heart’
He said his experience at the KMMC was “life-changing”. He said an ‘Isaiah 60’ call by one of the speakers, Pastor Afrika Mhlophe, for men to “arise and shine for the glory of God rises upon you” caused “revival in my heart to be the change God wants to see”. Another speaker, evangelist Johnny Louw also challenged him to live his life fully for the Kingdom of God.

“I believe that the Lord is saying arise and shine mighty men of God, your time has come. We need to start standing up in our land against injustice, crime, women and child trafficking – it’s time to set the captives free!”

Dollie said that at the KMMC he was blessed with tent accommodation, food and gifts of money. He also had an opportunity to share his testimony live on Radio Namakwaland and to play and sing on stage during an informal Saturday afternoon worship time with worship artist Dewald Gouws. He said that in the past week Gouws contacted him and said that he wants to record with him and wants him to sing with him at next year’s KMMC. Worship artist Joe Niemand’s team has also invited him to sell their promotional t-shirts in Cape Town.

“My dream is to build kingdom businesses and eradicate poverty because God wants us to be united and to change the world through Him,” he said.

Dollie, who is still living an itinerant lifestyle, established a Christian t-shirt business last year. He hopes to secure a job soon in order to raise capital for the t-shirt business. Meanwhile he says God keeps blessing him with financial gifts to meet his needs.

On a Christian camp. Dolley is seated in front playing a guitar.
On a Christian camp. Dollie is seated in front playing a guitar.


  1. tears stream down my face at this story. I know God wants us all to share his love in this way. Yushraq is a beautiful testimony fo Jesus.

  2. What a wonderful testimony!

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  4. when God has you in His sights, it happens. What a wonderful testimony of His Glory.

  5. Charlie Parsons

    The “STAND” you have made for Jesus will be REWARDED in ways you can NEVER IMAGINED…Your family will be DRAWN to JESUS through YOU
    May Jesus be your guide

  6. wow thank what an honour it is to be a son Of Gods kingdom,he is worthy,thank you Gateway and JESUS for changing my life

    • Tears streamed down my face as I read your story. In Jesus Name may your life reach out to Muslims that many come to give their lives to Him. I am encouraged to believe and continue praying that my devout Muslim friend would choose to follow Jesus Christ too. Thank you for sharing your story.

  7. Declan de Jager

    So great. I was on that same MMC and came back a new man with the Holy Spirit in my heart. God is great.

  8. Living in Abu Dhabi and teaching Moslem teenage boys, this really gives me the hope that if God saves one Moslem, He will save many. I will keep asking Him with Dollie in mind.

  9. My husband was on the KMMC 2013 Intercession list and I read Yushraq Dollie’s online message that he was from a Muslim family and was trusting God to get him there. He was also in my prayers. I always wondered what happened to Yushraq. This is so wonderful. I am smiling from ear to ear, with so much joy in my heart!! What an awesum God we serve!! All Glory to You my King!! Amen!!

  10. johannes gelderbloem

    God is allways on time

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  12. Lord change my life on 28 April after powerful message plus that mood of men crying to God really touch my inner soul and now am serving our God

  13. Keep up the good work Brother! God’s army of men, women and angels are on your side. I trust that He will bless you richly!

  14. Praise God for such a powerful and faith-filled testimony. And praise Him for all the brethren who helped Dollie to attend. I pray that this young man will be mightily used by the Lord.

  15. Kobus Swanepoel

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