Farewell to Andrew Auld, passionate PE servant leader

Andrew Auld: 1967 – 2021

Glenn Weiss leader of Joy to the Nations church, PE, shares a tribute to Andrew Auld an influential, local marketplace Christian leader who passed away in St George’s Hospital after a brave and protracted fight against Covid-19

Memorial service live stream
A memorial service for Andrew Auld will be held on Tuesday October 12 at 3pm. The memorial service will be live streamed and the following link will connect you to the stream: https://fb.me/e/22NRPS7Gh

It is with a deep sense of heartache that I write this obituary of Andrew’s extremely fruitful and impactful life.

There is a huge gaping hole that has been left in the lives of many, many people. 

No more than his family and our hearts and prayers and love go out to Delene, Connor, Kayla & Kirsty Auld….. Andrew’s precious family household.

Andrew was a “man’s man” who had the ability to connect meaningfully with the MD of a huge corporation and then in the next moment, connect with a homeless person and treat them with the same degree of respect and somehow find common ground with everyone he interacted with.

Whether Andrew was in “work mode” at Alexander Forbes, riding his motorbike or bicycle with friends or in his sweet spot in his “ministry mode” you just knew that Andrew was there bringing courage, faith and energy to everyone around him.

Rob Rainer of Alexander Forbes put it like this, “Andrews Client base was attached at the hip to him”.  To me, this a huge compliment to Andrew and his character, who always valued the person in front of him much, much more than the transaction itself.

Andrew’s greatest passion — and he had a lot of it (hence my choice of the picture) — was men’s ministry and prayer!!

If you were ever in a prayer time with Andrew, you will know exactly what I mean!!

Andrew loved his God in such a tangible and contagious way, that others couldn’t help but catch it. He loved the Word of God passionately and ruthlessly applied the truth of the Word to his own life before he preached it to others.

Andrew could LEAD, very strongly and effectively but he also knew how to SERVE those around him. That is why he gave himself to various ministries in the city from MES to Jerusalem Ministries to Acts of Bravery.

One of Andrew’s legacies was the impact he made through the formation of the KINGdom Manne movement throughout our metro where his cross-cultural passion was expressed so beautifully in ushering in a deep sense of UNITY amongst the Men of the City.

Andrew started his spiritual journey with Delene in the 90s with Mac Hayward at Westering Full Gospel. He then later moved on to the Storehouse where was a huge blessing and momentum bringer for +- 15 years, before he felt God stir him to join myself and Karen as we had the privilege to take the “reigns” at Joy to the Nations exactly a year ago.

The mark that Andrew has made in just 365 days here at Joy to the Nations and in the Walmer area is immense. So many of the JTTN family have forged deep heart connections in this relatively short and “abnormal” Covid time.

None of us were ready to let go of him yet, but as the days have passed since his sad passing, a sense of peace has started to slowly settle on me.

Syd Rothman, shared these wise words from John Piper with me the other day: “All suffering from persecution or sickness are intended by Satan for the destruction of our faith but are governed by God for the purifying of our faith”.

Andrew would want us to all keep our eyes fixed on Jesus and not let anything erode our faith because we did not see the result from our prayers that we so badly desired and trusted and wished for.

Andrew would want us to continue where he left off!!

So let’s keep raising a HALLELUJAH to our King and spreading the love of Jesus wherever we go so that UNITY may prevail and the Gospel can advance.

Farewell till we see you again, my friend, my brother, my Kingdom partner.

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  1. Christine Auld Eckersley

    What a beautiful, well put summary of Andrew’s heart and life Glen! I know he was your wingman. I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments here. Thank you for honouring my special brother Andrew. All eyes on Jesus!

  2. Thank you Glenn for painting such an accurate, loving picture of my beloved nephew, Andrew.

  3. Thank you Glen that is exactly Andrew. I found myself asking a lot of questions. I then read a scripture . I suddenly remembered that Andrew had given me that very same scripture many years ago and I had marked it in my bible. Philippians 4 from vs 4 always be full of joy in the Lordi say it again rejoice. Let everyone see that you are unselfish and considerate in all you do. Remember that the Lord is coming soon. Dont worry about anything instead pray about everything tell God your needs and dont forget to thank him for his answers. If you do this you will experience Gods peace which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoughts and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus.

  4. Beautiful words. Condolences to Andrews friends and family. X

  5. Wendy Weyer-Henderson

    He was such a passionate man of God. You were just lifted up after being in his company. I will miss teasing him about riding a BMW because I am a KTM fan. Not seeing his light up a room smile and hearing him laugh and his passionate preaching is going to be hard but I know he is where he wanted to be. Thinking of his precious family and friends in this time, keep his legacy going. Glenn and Karen I pray for you both as I know how much he loved you and was honored to be in your family ‘Joy to the nations’. Lots of love. Wendy

  6. Beautifully written and so accurate. Andrew treated everyone equally and always saw the best in people. Thank you for this beautiful tribute.