Fast cars, fashion, good looking guys, and comedy for Ashleigh Botha

Mr PE finalists will be on the ramp at the fashion benefit for Ashleigh Botha on Tuesday night at Treasure or Trash, King's Court

It was over a cup of coffee that Reza Ebrahim of  Eastern Cape Fiat and Alfa Romeo asked Theunis Pienaar  of Kingfisher FM: ‘so how can we make a difference?’ ‘Collaboration’, was Theunis’ answer.

Two days later the coffee was being poured at the Treasure or Trash-store in the  King’s Court Centre in Walmer and the Ashleigh Botha-Fashion-Auction was born.

While sipping their coffee Centrestage’s  Gino Fabbri,  Heinz in Style’s Heinrich Schmidt,  Treasure or Trash’s Jane Stevenson and Cheryl Reynolds, as well as Eddie McDonald of the King’s Court Centre realized ‘how amazing it is to collaborate with positive people who want to make a difference’.

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Ashleigh Botha is a Nelson Mandela Bay girl suffering from the very rare Intimal Fibromuscular Dysplasia, a very aggressive and progressive form of FMD which causes her arteries to grow closed and starve her vital organs of blood-flow.  In South Africa no effective treatment is available, but at the ‘Cleveland Clinic’ in Ohio in the USA effective treatments have been done. Ashleigh was treated at the clinic in 2009 and currently desperately needs a second series of treatments.

This is the reason why East Cape Fiat and Alfa Romeo, Die Burger and Heinz in Style’s  20 Mr PE finlasts, Treasure or Trash, King’s Court Centre, Centrestage and Kingfisher FM decided to collaborate and make a difference.

On Tuesday evening, May 24, the Ashleigh Botha-Fashion-Auction will take place. The 20 finalists of the Die Burger Mr PE-competition will be on the catwalk in outfits sponsored by Treasure or Trash.  There is no entrance fee, but guests are encouraged to buy the clothes modeled by the Mr PE-finalists, with all proceeds going to Ashleigh Botha’s treatment.
The very popular Gino Fabbri will not only handle the auction, but also entertain guests with some of his well known characters.

Guests are welcome at Treasure or Trash from 6pm.  The auction will start at seven and it is hoped that this effort will make a massive difference in Ashleigh’s life. Click here for more information.


  1. This is such an awesome event that you are organizing. Hope you got some electrical fans to keep the heat down especially for the woman with hot flushes as they are going to be sizzling hot. Looking forward to a nice evening out.Well done treasure and trash and all the others helping with this awesome cause.

  2. It is so sad to see the church, the very wealthy and aflluent and blessed church having to resort to cake sales, golf days, and now fashion shows in order to move us to give into a need.
    This displays a heart who only gives if there is a ‘cookie’ in return.

    The teacher had a tremendous responsibility in directing us in the way of a cheerful giver, that giving cheerfuly is what pleases God and not giving with a ‘what’s in it for me’ heart.

    • hey Spencer – this event wasn’t organized by the ‘Church’, unless you understand the ‘Church’ to be people and not an orginization. In that respect this was an amazing response to one young woman’s need, by people who are filled with love and caring. No one can fault that.

      With regards to ‘cheerful giving’, you should’ve been there, the giving was crazy cheerful, R13 000 raised and a lot of people became aware of Ashleigh’s plight.

      I have no doubt, if I can be so bold as to speak on His behalf, that God was pleased by the giving.

      If nothing else, this was and remains an expression of His immense, unconditional love.

  3. well organised as usual, looks good guys, keep it up , will try my best.

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