Final tuning for 11.11.11 worship events

Worship teams in South Africa are getting ready to play their part in leading slots as worshipers in 30 countries join tomorrow in the first annual Global Day of Worship (GDW) with the goal of lifting the name of Jesus in a united wave of worship that will span the globe.

In Port Elizabeth worship teams from 12 churches will fill 18 slots at the Word Of Faith Christian Centre on William Moffett Expressway, for 24 hours of non-stop worship from 7pm on Friday November 11 to 7pm on Saturday November 12.

Port Elizabeth coordinator Pete Gooch said that as the worship was happening, treasure hunts would head out from WOF at 10.30am and 2.30pm on Saturday “taking His presence to the streets”.

He said that treasure hunts incorporated the use of words of knowledge (clues) that you write on your “treasure map” to find “treasures” (people) who needed an encounter with God through an encouraging prophetic word or healing. For more info email

In Cape Town GDW events will be taking place at six sites. The venues, contact emails and times are:

Somerset West – Charles Morkel Sports Grounds, Cnr Broadway Blvd and Mill Street, Somerset West – – 12 noon to 12 midnight on Friday.

Lansdowne – Desire of all Nations Christian Church Multipurpose Hall, Cnr George & Ivan Rd, Ottery – 7pm till late on Friday.

Mitchells Plein – Faith Apostolic Centre, Cnr Civet & Katdoring – 7pm till late

Bellville – Powerhouse Ministries 1 Pasita Park, Pasita Street, Bella Rosa, Bellville – –7pm till 2am and then back again from about 12 noon to 7pm on Saturday

Muizenberg – The Bay CC, 92 Capricorn Boulevard North, Capricorn Business Park – – 8pm on Friday until 8pm on Saturday.

Bellville – Logos Christian Church, 3 Hebron Street, Oak Glen, Bellville – 7pm till late on Friday,

In Johannesburg Breakthru Life Church at 34 Kroton North Street, Weltevreden Park,  will be hosting worship from 7pm on Friday until 7pm on Saturday, and is being joined by teams from 24/7 Christian Church and Central Parks City Church. For more information email

Entrance to all of the GDW event is free and Christians in the participating areas are invited to come and be part of world worship history.

GDW events from South Africa will  be featured in a live Internet stream which will connect worshipers around the world with one hour slots from 7pm to 8pm in each of the world’s 24 time zones. Live streams from around the world can be viewed by logging onto the website


  1. Thank you Pete and all the teams involved here in PE! Let your Kingdom come oh Lord as we worship You in Spirit and Truth!!

  2. Oh. How I wish I was in PE for this. I hope you guys are having an awesome time with the Lord. Thank you Pete. Hey are you Peter or Pete? I know I have been calling you Peter. Enjoy

    • I managed a short time there late last night. Really wonderful and indeed well done to Pete and all who facilitated. But the meanest flu I’ve had in years completely rewrote my weekend plans. But on the upside I got to watch some inspiring ministry in Estonia on Friday and Saturday. :-)