First Mighty Men Eastern Cape made an impact

The speakers relayed messages that captured the hearts, minds & souls of attendees.
The first Mighty Men Eastern Cape took place at Humansdorp last weekend. Gateway News asked some of the organising team members for a report back. This is what they said.

How can we start to explain the supernatural and amazing work of the Holy Spirit over the weekend.

I have been to a lot of Mighty Men conferences before but to arrange a Mighty Men conference is another ball game.

There was resistance in the spiritual realm right from the word go. There were times when we wondered whether we had heard right.  “Is this what God is expecting from us?  Is there no way around it?”

An MMC weekend is much larger than man and can only be convened and arranged by our Heavenly Father Himself.  The word says that the father draws the lost to Him by acceptance of his Son Jesus Christ.

“The Kings Mounted Men” pass the front of the stage on horseback in demonstration of the war against darkness.

We feel honoured, blessed and privileged by the fact that Father God chose us as instruments and our Kouga area as the ground that needed to be prepared for the harvest of lost souls.

There is a saying which says that we were born male but that only God can make us men. We saw this happening at the week end when broken men came to the Lord and were restored, reconciled and delivered from the clutches of the ruler of this world.

No Jesus, no change. But come just as you are!!!!  Let the Spirit of God bring forth transformation and change in your lives.  Find your true identitiy in Christ Jesus.  Make Him the centre of your life.  Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and the rest will be added unto you.

As men of God we need to know and understand that we have been predestined, pre-positioned and preappointed for a time such as this.

We need to take up the spiritual leadership of our homes, we need to hear from the lord and take action on the things that are not right in our homes first of all.  This will change our homes, then our neighbourhood, our community and then our country.

Men & boys of all ages gathered together in unity to worship God.

We will never understand the generational impact that this conference had on the lives of generations to come.  Fathers turning to the Lord, their sons following and becoming fathers and leading their families etc.

The seed has been sown, the Lord will send the Rain and the harvest will be plentiful.

All honour and glory belongs to God, his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

We are humbled by this.

— Eugene Genis

A powerful silent testimony captured shortly after the conference.

For me, it was absolutely amazing, it was my first MMC and exceeded all my expectations. The feedback from attendees has been very positive as well.

It really was an experience you almost can’t explain but have to experience for yourself. Just to see all the different men and boys from different cultures and ethnic backgrounds come together as children of God was so special.
There was crying, hugging, laughing, worshipping and peace. I think many souls were saved!

— Piérre Maré

Yes, what can I say other than God was at work in the hearts of many fathers and sons this past weekend.

We had over a 1 000 day visitors at each of the services. For a first-time event in Humansdorp we were blessed with exceptional attendance.

An Aerial shot taken before the start of the Sunday family service,

Pictures in the MMC 3 Maart album on our Facebook page ( )  capture the atmosphere so beautifully.  We would love you to head over to the page to view the photos and to like the page so that we can keep you up to date with news of next year’s event.

— André Terblanche


  1. Always a Blessing at mighty men.and to introduce new people to recieve the Living word. Praise and Worship amazing. Thank you all and especially retief burger.God Bless

  2. Congratulations to our MM Brothers and all their support staff at MMEC. MMWC is right there with you all and here to help where we can. We invite you to make plans and come and support us here in the WC in October. In UNITY there is VICTORY. Keep up the great work Gateway. Amen all round!!!!!!!

  3. Charlie Parsons

    As we(My son Menno) Martin & I had to fly Uncle Angus to Johannesburg on this Mighty Men week end I “felt” robbed almost that I could not attend MM Humansdorp…but when Uncle Angus showed me the photos that someone sent him on the meeting I realised WE COULD be at BOTH places at the same time. The Physical & the Spiritual are NOT SEPERATED when God is involved. WE WERE THERE..though not in the PHYSICAL. WE are PROUD of YOU MEN of GOD…YOU can NEVER UNDERESTIMATE what has happened in the SPITUAL BECAUSE of YOUR OBEDIENCE. God Willing I WILL be there NEXT YEAR. Blessings, Charlie Parsons