Helenvale crime rate drops drastically after prayer walk

Helenvale prayer marchers
Prayer marchers in Helenvale last Saturday
There has been a 100% decrease in violent crime in Helenvale, Port Elizabeth, since 100 prayer warriors prayed in the area and anointed the streets with oil a week ago.

South African Police Services Commander for the Mount Road Cluster, General Dawie Rabie said in an interview today that since the prayer walk last Satruday none of the usual gang-related violence, shooting incidents, murders, attempted murders or rapes had been reported in the area.

He said there had been a few drunken assaults in the area but none of the serious, violent crime that has earned Helenvale the reputation as Port Elizabeth’s number one crime hotspot.

Saturday’s prayer walk followed a recent call by Rabie for the church to lead the spiritual fight against crime in the region. The organisers of the prayer walk, the Helenvale Upliftment Forum say a follow-up outreach is planned in Helenvale later this month and more prayer walks are planned for other crime hotspots in Nelson Mandela Bay.


  1. Pastor TL Strydom

    Praise God. He is Mighty. This is the power of the Church of jesus in action.

  2. Pastor Joan Keeling

    All the glory goes to God. He is the Lord, strong and mighty in battle.

  3. At the name of Jesus – let every knee bow. Crime was defeated about some 2000years ago in Calvary and it has no place in our communities.