Super Subscribers make a big impact through a small voluntary subscription fee

Gateway News Editor, Andre Viljoen (left) and Chairman of the Gateway News  Board of Advisers, Pastor Afrika Mhlophe are hoping that many Gateway News readers will support our new, reader-inspired Voluntary Subscription Fee initiative.

Gateway News has been serving Christians in South Africa with uplifting Christian news and views for the past 3 years and four months.

We have provided the news free of charge through our weekly email newsletter, our news website, and through our Facebook and Twitter pages. Currently we reach 20 to 25 000 readers per month through our website — and many more people through radio stations, other Christian websites and print media which pick up our stories. We have faith to reach millions of people through multiple media channels.


LETTERICONRead the letter from one of our readers that prompted us to ask our readers to pay a small voluntary subscription fee. We will continue to send inspiring Christian news to anybody who wants it — whether they are paying subscribers or not.

Read the rest of this article to find out how your small voluntary subscription payment as a Super Subscriber can be a great blessing to many. Click here to Sign Up as a Super Subscriber for R10 a month or any lesser or greater amount that you decide.

Our God-given vision is to promote a revival culture by providing news that declares the goodness and greatness of God and the truth of His Word. News that inspires Christians to live joyfully, love fearlessly, shine brightly and serve faithfully. We also publish up-to-date news that equips Christians to stand together and be well informed in the face of increasing attacks on religious freedom and Christian culture. Our news is mainly aimed at readers in South Africa, but we are delighted to see that we do have loyal readers in other nations

The need
In recent months several people have urged us to introduce a paid subscription service because of the financial burden that the editor carries in order to deliver Christian news. God has blessed Gateway News with the support of wonderful, Godly advisory board members, intercessors, volunteer reporters and volunteer columnists including some of South Africa’s spiritual fathers and an array of younger Christian leaders, revivalists and activists. But the editor is only full-time member of the Gateway News family. Gateway News’s monthly income (mainly from advertising) does not cover the editor’s basic living costs, let alone allow for expansion.

During April 2014 one of our intercessors, Colleen Martin, sent us a “letter to Gateway News subscribers” urging our readers to pay a small subscription (R10 per month or R120 per annum) for our news service. The advisory board and editor discussed the proposal and decided that the time has indeed arrived to introduce a voluntary subscription appeal. We ask you, dear reader, to prayerfully consider paying a monthly or annual subscription for your Gateway News that your receive via our weekly newsletter or social media. Please complete the Super Subscriber – Voluntary Subscription Form below, indicating the amount that you have decided to pay monthly or annually. We will continue to provide Christian News to every person who wants it, whether or not they are paying subscribers. We do not want to place a heavy financial burden on anyone but we do pray that many of our readers will take the opportunity to make a big difference through paying a small, voluntary subscription fee. Our short term financial goals are to raise a salary for the editor and for a full-time reporter that we would dearly like to employ to help with our news service expansion plans.

Gateway News will shortly apply for Non Profit Organisation status. Meanwhile our Advisory Team under the chairmanship of Pastor Afrika Mhlophe will approve the administration of all Gateway News income.


More info about the Super Subscriber Programme

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Please pay directly into the following account:

Bank:  Standard Bank Walmer
Account Number: 046147071
Branch Code:  024310
Note: Please specify “Subscription” as your reference.


Please pay directly into the following account:

Bank:  Standard Bank Walmer
Account Number: 046147071
Swift Code: Swift Code: SBZAZAJJ
Note: Please specify “Subscription” as your reference.

If you decide to become a monthly subscriber, we suggest that you arrange a Stop Order with your bank, requesting them to pay a monthly amount of your choice into our account. 


  1. I will contribute with a smile, even if I must sacrifice another chocolate. haha I believe Christians should stand together and support each other any whatever ways needed. GW News has been my source of Christian news for a few months now and it has always been uplifting and encouraging. Thank you for the superb articles.

  2. This is an excellent idea,especially for those believers with the gift of giving and others who may be motivated by the Spirit of the living God to provide once off monetary gifts.

  3. Thank you for the opportunity to support this great Godly initiative. I will support it because it helps to reach people I cant reach and don’t know. I uphold the biblical Godly Great Commission.