Julita explores from Cape to Cairo: Episode 1 — The miracles begin

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Julita Kok is back on the road with God again — this time driving solo from Cape to Cairo on a mission called Kora 2022. In her first, faith-building, fortnightly trip report for Gateway News she testifies of miracles that made the journey possible

“God is not a man that He should lie”. I do not know how many times in my life I have used these words. This is absolute truth. When He says it, it is done.  There are no excuses or unfulfilled promises or any disappointments. It is just settled.

Many of you followed my previous journeys and might remember the miracles and wonders I have seen. Where I am sitting typing this article, I am totally overwhelmed by the goodness of God and the miracles he has performed. Let me recap quickly on the challenges I had for this Cape to Cairo trip.

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Julita Kok begins her journey

Before I could even get into any car to start the journey, many things had to be done. Lots of preparation and lots of paperwork and requirements had to be fulfilled for the different countries. When God told me to travel overland from Cape Agulhas to Alexandria in Egypt, I never knew how complicated it was. The paperwork is a nightmare. Every country has its own rules and you need to adhere to it or they deny you access. I also quickly realised that my preparations are expensive. Money that I did not have. As an example: I had to pay for six vaccinations (Yellow fever, rabies and so on), travel insurance (never knew this was so expensive), insurance on my vehicle to travel all the countries — a carnet de passage (this is like a passport for your car to travel in and out of a country), international drivers licence and so I can go on and on.  

There is one thing that I have learned in my walk with God. If He gives the command, the burden is His. All I need to do is to show up. He truly takes care of everything. And with this mandate, things were no different. I had to do my part which was to complete forms upon forms upon forms; get a police clearance on my vehicle; go for my vaccinations, buy certain things needed; apply for my visas and tick every box on the lists of the different countries. But I was not in a position to buy a car for this trip. I drive a beautiful, very comfortable Hyundai i20, but this car is not suitable to travel into Africa and where I want to go. I want to go into Egypt, but the deposit on the Carnet De Passage to enter Egypt with your vehicle is 200% of the value of your vehicle. Wow!!! We are talking more than one million rand here!!

But here I am writing to you on day five of my journey. I am busy with it. I has started. What does that mean? It means that God has provided up to this very moment. On the first of January, I was given a Toyota Prado to travel with. I knew God was going to provide the vehicle, but never expected such luxury. But I remember I told Him: “Lord, I am 57 years old now. There are certain things I do not want to do anymore and “sukkel” (struggle) is one of them. I am too old to handle certain things now. When I was younger, it was no problem. And I can still do it and do not mind, but I simply do not have the energy for those things anymore.” And when I got behind the wheel of the Prado, I realised God heard that prayer. I am not going to “sukkel” in this car. You see, here is the thing. Your car becomes your home, your place of safety, your comfort zone when you travel like this.  

And let me tell you, the Prado is not a bad home at all. Spacious, comfortable, soft, reliable, easy to get parts in Africa, a full-on 4 x 4 and just a nice beast to travel in. God did not stop there. He continued with miracle upon miracle upon miracle. This beast does not drink petrol. She devours it. And yet, here I am. I have petrol in her tank. 

One of the biggest challenges I had was the Carnet de Passage. EXPENSIVE!!!! God worked around that and gave me wisdom on how to do this and here I am with the Carnet de Passage in my hands and I did not pay over a million rand for it. It was still expensive, but what was a huge mountain in the beginning, turned out to be a mole heap at the end.This God!!! The burden is His. I slept comfortably every night without any worry on how He would do it. I knew He would as He is not a man that he should lie.

There were many miracles and at the time of writing, I still have a few things that need to be done, but God has already taken care of them.  A company gave me six brand-new, all-terrain tyres; someone branded my car; I have coffee enough for this whole trip; shoes, clothes, camping gear and, and, and. God is not a man that He should lie. If He sends me, He equips me in the spirit and the physical. Someone even came and said God told her to fit a rooftop tent on my car so that I will always have a place to sleep! He takes care of every little detail. And so there are many more miracles. He enabled me to do what he called me for.The burden was not mine. It was His. I just needed to show up and say: “Here I am Lord, send me.”

So I will be leaving South African soil on the 8th of February and will keep you up to date with my journey. I will travel to Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Burundi, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt and Tunisia. A long overland journey, but an adventure with God of a lifetime.

I will share on the people I meet (as this journey is about people), the places I see, the food I eat and all the wonders of nature including the sounds and the music of the people. I will share in my next article more detail on the trip itself and a little on the mandate. You can also read about this in previous Gateway News issues. And I will share many pictures. 

All I want to say for now is that you should never underestimate what God can do. When He says nothing is impossible for Him, He actually means it just like that. NOTHING is impossible to God. I do not care what your situation is about.  God can solve it if you allow Him to be God. I am a testimony to His goodness. So I invite you to join me on this journey. Follow me here and also please subscribe to my YouTube channel and Instagram and FB. All my channels are called JULITA EXPLORES and you can see the videos there and hear the stories. 

God is a good God. When He calls you, He equips you, He provides for you and He makes everything work for your good. It is still tough, but it is doable because He gives the grace for the journey. And all the glory belongs to Him.

Please pray for me. Africa is on God’s heart at this time and it is Africa’s turn to walk into her destiny. Let us break open what God is ready to pour out onto this continent!! Like Reinhardt Bonke said….Africa will be saved. Let us continue with this vision and allow God to turn this “dark continent” into the continent of light!!!

Just show up!!

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  1. Greetings Sir/Madam,
    I’m a Burundian Evangelist with South Africa’s permanent resident status.
    Actually I’m capetownia but currently on missions work in Burundi.
    My good Cape Town friend David Melvill sent the article about Julita’s plan to travel from Cape to Cairo while busy on a 2 day mission trip and Gospel crusade in a rural village near Rwandan border.
    Julita’s journey is very interesting, she must be a brave woman of God.

    I’m willing to oorganise for her accomodation (a place of rest) in Dar Es Salam, Tanzania and in Burundi my wife and I can host her in Bujumbura and in Ngozi where I am ccurrently, I have an accommodation for her.

    My WhatsApp number is +27799999297
    My email is: migisherna@yahoo.fr
    God bless you
    Pascal Joy Migisha

    • Greetings Saints!
      This confirms what Julita said, “the burden is the Lord’s”.
      He cannot deny Himself, what He says He will do, He will do!
      Ahead of time, plans for accommodation are already in place for Tanzania, Bujumbura and Ngozi!
      God bless you all, Julita , Pascal and your families!
      We serve a miracle working Jehovah Jireh! To Him be all the Glory! Hallelujah!