Kingdom Governance Movement hits election trail

KGM President Mkhangeli Matomela addressing media at the party's Election Manifesto Launch. (PHOTO: Facebook)
KGM President Mkhangeli Matomela addressing media at the party’s Election Manifesto Launch. (PHOTO: Facebook)

[notice]noel1South Africa’s newest Christian political party, Kingdom Governance Movement, led by former ANC senior provincial leader, Mkhangeli Matomela, held its 2014 Elections Manifesto Launch in Butterworth on Saturday (March 29). Noel Ngesi (right), a founding member of the KGM Political Domain, sent us this Special Report on the launch.[/notice]

It’s Saturday morning the 29th of March 2014, the time is about 10 am in the morning. The start is very slow in Butterworth where the new kid on the South African political arena, the Kingdom Governance Movement (KGM) is about to launch its 2014 Elections Manifesto.  The citizens are gradually waking up to the sunny morning and await with high expectation, for the start of the long-awaited occasion at the local two thousand seat recreation hall. 

About a hundred metres away, the KGM Leadership arrives at the beautifully decorated venue where the press conference is to be held. Tantalising gospel music welcomes all, as the supporters begin to trickle in to be part of the press conference audience. About six journalists arrive from press and radio media houses and begin to collaborate together with the technical crew and the house photographer, setting up and getting ready for the conference.  

Down at the main venue where all will eventually converge to start the event, some members of KGM comprising the provincial and district leadership finalise the venue preparations.  Here too, the sound technical crew is putting final touches to the audio setup in preparation for the worship and entertainment groups that are on contract for the day.  It’s about eleven o’clock and private cars, vans, microbuses and buses are arriving at the main venue in large numbers. Droves of people are roaming the area and are evidently waiting for the leadership to finish the press conference that eventually started a half an hour ago, and move to the main venue to start with the programme of the day. 

Worship starts at eleven thirty and all gear changes colours into yellow, green and white T-shirts and some wearing white caps, all with the logo and varying strap-lines of the movement that include: SOUTH AFRICA BACK TO GOD, STOP SATANISM AND CORRUPTION, PLACE GOD AT THE CENTRE OF THE NATION, RESTORE THE HOLY SPIRIT IN THE NATIONAL ANTHEM, ERADICATE POVERTY, UNEMPLOYMENT AND INEQUALITY, and BUILD VALUES-BASED SOCIETY, CHARTER OF VALUES AND CONSTITUTION. 

Excitement intensifies and the singing goes wild at about twelve noon as the long-awaited leadership, members of the media and the conference audience begin to move towards  the main venue, led by the Presidential motorcade. More crowds arrive in buses and from the neighbourhood, singing peaceful freedom songs. The motorcade stops at the side entrance of the hall and the passengers alight, the supporters go wild, evidently pleased to see their leaders. The guard-of-honour is formed and the leadership walk through into the hall and onto the well-decorated and arranged stage. The morning session Master Of Ceremony keeps the vibe going for the next 30 minutes and hands over to the MC for the programme, the Secretary General of the Movement, Pastor Sipho Mengezeleli.

The main programme starts at 13:00 and the introductions inform that supporters, leaders and members have come from different provinces and different parts on the country to attend the launch. The hall is fast filling up and at about 13:45 the SABC News TV Crew arrives and sets up in the at the chock-a-block venue. Speakers coming from different structures of the movement, leaders of various churches, organisations and institutions begin to deliver their messages of support and encouragement. The occasion is characterised by explosive Gospel singing and vigourous dancing. 

Eventually at about 14:30, the main speaker, the President of the KGM, The Honourable Mr Mkangeli Matomela, is introduced by his Deputy President, Apostle Stage Stage. He takes the stage and delivers the Elections Manifesto which gets the crowd up on its feet and running excitedly around the hall. The programme is wrapped up at 15:00 and the leadership go outside to be interviewed by SABC TV News before enjoying a well prepared meal in the dining hall. 

Several issues stood out in both the morning press conference and the 20 minutes session with the SABC in the afternoon. Journalists wanted to know the KGM’s position on: 

1. Removal of parental discipline over children

Mkhangeli Matomela’s summarised response: The ANC led government has been applying the Alice Bailey (New Age) 10 Point Charter without the mandate of the people of South Africa. This clashes with the values upon which the very ruling party was founded, not to mention the fact that these points are not contained in the manifesto of the ANC, nor is the implementation thereof known by its very members. Where did Bathabile Dlamini get the mandate to stop parents from spanking their children in love? Matomela said he once asked the ANC Secretary General if he knew anything about the Alice Bailey 10 Point Charter and he responded that he knew nothing about it. 

Bottom line, it is unacceptable that government has implemented the elements of this satanic charter undemocratically, and government must reject the anti-Christ agenda by the secret societies, with the United States of America and the United Nations championing this agenda. KGM will not rest until this satanic agenda is exposed completely and finally done-away with. 

Twelve-year-olds’ right to be sexually-active

 Mkhangeli Matomela’s summarised response: It is absurd that a 12-year-old cannot vote as a minor and yet a bill is about to be published that 12-year-olds can have sex and that this is their constitutional right that not even their parents can interfere with. Government is preparing our children for sex  work. They can also abort without the permission of the parent, it is their constitutional right. If the ANC government continues applying these ills in South African society, its reign is on the line. KGM has positioned itself as an alternative government, not opposing any political party. Should the ANC government continue with this autocratic governance, KGM is gearing itself as the movement to take over the reign from the ANC – led government in 2019 at the latest. 

3. The Nkandla scandal and lastly

Mkhangeli Matomela’s summarised response: KGM’s stand is that if the President is guilty of benefitting himself, together with his family, inappropriately from public money spent to enhance Nkandla, he must first pay back the money to the last cent, thereafter the ANC as the ruling party, must give us a new President. Matomela said this is however not KGM’s focus. The Nkandla issue is a result of the implementation of the antichrist agenda to destroy this country through corruption, amongst other ills. If we focus on rejecting  and nullifying this satanic agenda, all things shall work well for our land. 

4. Funding: Who funds KGM?  

Mkhangeli Matomela’s summarised response: So far KGM has been financed by its leadership and some members. This has not been easy and we feel that new political parties are not fairly supported financially by government, for them to be able to contest elections. Funding comes only after a party gains some seats in Parliament. This matter must be looked into going forward.

The day was over at about 16:30 and we all parted ways to go and start preparing for an intensive marketing and electioneering drive.



  1. Why do you not join the existing (English speaking) ACDP in Christian unity?

  2. Hanno-the ACDP has sadly sold the Christians out to the DA & you have been silent in this. Look at Swellendam where they have an alliance. Is this the unity you postulating? What has English to do with unity? I have No interest in this kingdom governance movement which sadly is folly. I write as the President of People’s Only Christ saves, heals; delivers & grants repentance to salvation.Amen.

    • Cultural diversity: The Lord has determined boundaries between nations and cultural groups, and He expects us to honour them (Acts 17:26). That is a continuation of the confusion of tongues which occurred during the building of the Tower of Babel (Gen. 11:5-8). It was wrong in the eyes of the Lord that the Babylonians were building a world state with only one official language, so He gave every group their own language. They consequently dispersed and each settled in their own territory under their own government. This was the beginning of different cultural groups among the nations. The recognition of cultural diversity is the only basis for healthy relations among nations. In our commission to evangelise the world we are sent to every tribe and tongue and people so that each group should (preferably) be evangelised in their own language. In the end-time, under the instigation of Satan, the Antichrist and the false prophet, a world empire will be established with only one government, one religion and one economic system (Rev. 13:1-18). The emerging new world order expressed itself in favour of a system of global control. That will be a serious infringement of God’s order of independent and self-determining nations, and for that reason the Lord Jesus will, at His second coming, destroy the evil lifestyle, holistic social order and satanic empire of the Antichrist.
      Social identity: As the Creator of human beings, God also laid down rules for social identity and the formation of groups to ensure the orderly functioning of society. The most important of these is the family unit which God has ordained to be the very bed-rock of ordered, disciplined, well-adjusted, happy, stable societies and nations. Satan relentlessly attacks these institutions in an effort to sow disorder and chaos.
      Cultural differences among various societies and nations are also minimised by superimposing universally acceptable trends and institutions on groups with a strong sense of identity – the aim being to erode their patriotism and transform their members into planetary citizens. These reforms, through which national and ethnic identity are discouraged, form the basis of the neo-Babylonian world society of the future. In that society, any ideology may be subscribed to, any religion may be practised, any type of marriage may be practised (e.g. same sex) or none, and no moral norms are enforced. When this stage has been reached in the demonic war against God’s standards for individuals, groups, and nations, Satan will have achieved his objective of creating cultural chaos and loss of identity among human beings.

  3. Clayton Caroline

    Secret societies,Satanists & the Anti-Christ!!!!!! What a reasonable & credible party !!!!!! I can’t wait for them to win the election!!!!!!

  4. Yes, you have my full support. Go all out and make KGM known to the Body of Christ. My email address is: hlengani.chauke@gmail. Com. Blessings. Pst Hlengani (west rand, Gauteng)

  5. Sipho Mengezeleli

    When the followers and disciples of Jesus Christ were moving around the world spreading His teachings,about the kingdom of God and its value system, it was the world that referred to them as Christians. I also would like to comment and say Kingdom Governance Movement is not a Christian Party, but a party of all humanity that embraces and upholds Godly values and principles across all religious and political pursuasions. The main trust of KGM is the kingdom message, concepts, lifestyle and culture. We are not on a religious agenda, but we are advocating for a system of governance and development model that is based on Godly values. That applies to all not a religious group. We are a Kingdom Party and therefore we must be called as such.

  6. Where is the ACDP failing Christians that it is necessary for this to happen? There are so many small opposition parties that are fragmenting the threat of anarchy from the ANC.

  7. Andrew Maqubel

    To me KGM is not just a political party but a prophetic voice in South African Politics, which stands as God’s mouth peace to save oour nation from

  8. KGM talks to number of key and moral issues which a normal society cannot turn a blind eye on. It is a good thing that people have houses, grants of all sorts, deracialisd systems etc. However, such benefits should not paralise people’s ability to scrutinise the governing organisation.

    Strong societies have always been founded on clear and solid values. Any rights that undermines the authority of God need to be questioned and rejected. Undoubtedly SA has fallen into a temptation of endorsing such rights.

    Whenever I hear anyone saying SA has one of the best constitutions in the world, I ask: ‘By whose standerds?’, is it not by the outcomes that we should judge the value of any constitution? If you take parental control from their children what outcomes are you likely to see: disrespect, drug abuse, prison population growth etc. Let us all ponder on these things.

  9. You have all my support Mr Noel. May our Father grant you with all the recourses. So as to advance the Kingom of God. May God protect Bishop Matomela in Jesus name…Amen

  10. Apostle L Ngcobo

    Ngikudinga kakhulu Nceku ngifuna ukukubona sikhulume .Lento uNkulunkulu kade angihlupha ngayo.Sengathi kungashesha Nceku .

  11. Luvuyo Mlindazwe

    I BELIEVE THAT THE TIME FOR THE KINGDOM GOSPEL IS NOW,AND NOBODY CAN SAY NO OR RESIST GODs MOVE…Mathew 24 vs 14(and this gospel of KINGDOM shall be preached to all nations as a testimony,and then the end will come)