KMMC needs prayer partners for 40-days and other campaigns

kmmcprayerMen and women are needed to participate in the 40-days-of-prayer-for-the-Karoo-Mighty-Men-Conference-2014 which kicks off on Monday, March 17. 

Prayer is the backbone of the KMMC and the committee calls on Christians everywhere to get involved in the strategic 40-days campaign by contacting Ruthi at or at 079 947 3566 / 049 8423310 or by completing the form at the bottom of this webpage:

Participants in the 40-days from Monday, March 17 to Friday, April 25, will receive a daily update, via email or WhatsApp, with specific prayer requests and the names of the men – 100 names a day — registered for the conference. They are asked to set aside a time each day (even if only 5 minutes) to pray individually, or with others, for the KMMC and the men who will be attending. 

Prayer team volunteers are also needed to join in other prayer initiatives that will be running in the lead-up to the fourth annual KMMC on Renosterfontein farm near Middelburg from April 25 to 27. The other campaigns are:        

21 Days On-Site Intercession – This will be a continuous prayer action that will take place on-site on Renosterfontein farm over a 21 Day period from April 5 to April 25. The committee is requesting teams (two or more people) to take a day (or more) to spend at the farm in continuous prayer. The Renosterfontein homestead will be available as the central prayer point and there are facilities for teams to overnight as well. Once the committee have the names of everyone they will coordinate dates to fill up all of the slots. 

Prayer during the KMMC 2014 Event – This is the prayer action that occurs in the ‘Intercession Tent’ during the course of the event, the event prayer will be starting on Friday, April 25 and will continue until Sunday, April 27th. The committee is looking for individuals or teams who are prepared to set aside an hour (or more) to come and pray in the tent, with all the latest prayer information available.  

The intensive prayer strategy is testimony to the KMMC ethos of being founded, grounded and prepared for through prayer. Indeed, even the decision to hold the KMMC in the first place was established through prayer. 

Mighty Men Conference founder, Angus Buchan reminds us in his book The Booth that the Lord Jesus Christ never did anything without first praying to His Father in heaven for guidance and direction. 

“The disciples often couldn’t find Jesus – He was always up the mountain, waiting on His Father. But when He came down, all heaven broke loose: The sick were healed; captives set free; miracles, signs and wonders took place,” says Buchan. 

Andrew Murray, in his book With Christ in the School of Prayer, says that when we learn to regard prayer as the highest part of the work entrusted to us – the root and strength of all other work – we will see that there is nothing we need to study and practice more than the art of praying. 

“We know that the fervent faith-filled prayers of righteous men and woman are powerful and effective (James 5) to transform lives, heal the sick, set the captive free, and bring people into right relationship with God and man,” says Dave Turner, one of the local organisers of the KMMC, who is a farmer in the Middleburg district and a lay pastor in a local church.  

He says prayer is the power behind the KMMC and every decision concerning the conference is committed to the Lord in prayer. 

“We are therefore sending out an urgent request to ask people to partner with us in prayer and intercession for KMMC 2014.   

“We need a mighty army of people praying and interceding that God will do an awesome work in our midst.  


  1. I for one will be praying ardently for a mighty move of GOD

  2. Through prayer this country could be saved from the wicked leaders. we should never stop until it is transformed.

  3. Moeketsi Ramatlho

    I will definitely keep you in my prayers. Prayer is the currency of Heaven