Lively Mighty Men prayer meeting brings breakthroughs

Members of the Mighty Men EC team holding up the 7 LED lights which were generously sponsored for the Mighty Men Conference from March 8 to 11.

Last Saturday afternoon, after the rain, a group of Christian men and women travelled to the farm Mooi Uitsig, 5km from Jeffreys Bay, to hold a really unusual and alive prayer meeting ahead of the Mighty Men Eastern Cape there from March 8 to 11.

Rossouw Le Roux, head of intercession for the MMC, gathered the group of prayer warriors into a circle and we started to pray for God’s goodness to fall upon the preparation for the event, for divine help in making it possible for people to come, and for lives to be changed through the power of God.

More cars arrived, and more kombis came, and more 4 x4s arrived, and people poured out of the vehicles and joined the circle. The united circle of faith of worshipers expanded and grew and there arose a huge shout of faith as the voices grew boldly to worship the Lord in His greatness.

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The overriding word for this time was — and is today: “I want you to make My Name famous! The Name of Jesus Christ”

The Word that backs this up comes from 1 Chronicles 22:5 — “Now David said, ‘Solomon, my son, is young and inexperienced, and the house built for the Lord must be exceedingly magnificent, famous and glorious throughout all countries. I will now make preparation for it.’ ”

And then the breakthroughs began to come for us out on the farm that windy Saturday afternoon.

You may remember, last week we put out the word throughout the Eastern Cape that the new Cross of Hope on a high point overlooking the farm, would look great if it was brightly lit with solar lighting.

The new Cross of Hope.

We invited people to help with equipment and money and the initial response was fantastic! At the prayer meeting, one man came forward with a big smile on his face holding out seven large LED lights in his arms.

“Here you are, guys. We can use these to illuminate the car parks and the camping areas,” he said, refusing to let us mention his name. “I am just doing this because I love the Lord!” he explained shyly.

That same day, I received an email from a Jeffreys Bay man who offered to put money into the MMC account towards the cost of solar lighting for the cross. And then another person came forward to offer two solar panels!

So, after only seven days, we have already been promised the LED strips to adorn the cross, as well as the solar panels, the cables and the charge controllers.

More than half the cost has swiftly been covered! What do we still need? Basically, all we need now are two deep cycle batteries giving us a life power of 200 amp hours. What is the raw cost? Less than R10 000.

If you feel the Lord asking you to become involved, and to help to illuminate His holy cross, either by giving cash towards the project, or by supplying equipment, then we would love to hear from you. You may email me at the following: and I will put you in touch with the right MMC member.

I can already see the beautiful cross shining so brightly down onto 15 000 assembled people on that farm at night that you will have to put your sunglasses on when you look at the Cross!

Below the cross newroads have been laid out, with smart new fences to help direct the traffic when an estimated 15 000 people arrive from all over South Africa for the event just a few weeks away.

In other developments, kilometres of new, blue water pipelines are being laid out, vast acres of grass are being cut to provide extensive camping grounds.

Full details of the Mighty Men Conference are on the website:

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  1. Praise God for these precious brothers and the seed of faith planted! Expect a precious harvest!…and thou shalt know that I am the Lord; for they shall not be ashamed that wait for Me [Is 49:23(b)].