Media and Morality

This week the issue of media and morality cropped up in various ways. In his weekly Family, Faith and Freedom update, Errol Naidoo accused liberal media of ignoring issues that were destroying families in South Africa and of promoting a self-centered, humansitic philosphy that glamourised immoral sexual behaviour.

The SA distributors of Beechies chewing gum also came under fire for their offensive use of  advertising media,. Beechies have been targeting SA youth with a message that drunkenness, casual sex and sexual exploitation of women are cool.

In an inspiring, and uplifting story, we reported how Port Elizabeth artist Duncan Stewart uses the medium of painting to share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Other stories posted this week include a the start of a 21-day 24/7 prayer countdown leading up to the Karoo Mighty Men Conference which starts on April 29, and a call by the Chief Rabbi of Israel for South African Christians to show solidarity with his country which he says is being “demonized and delegitimized” through strong campaigns mounted throughout the world.



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