Nehemiah Vision to rebuild wall of Nelson Mandela Bay

Nelson Mandela Bay Church Leaders have launched a ‘Nehemiah Vision’ to rebuild the ‘city wall’ which they say is in ruins as a result of factionalism and disunity.

A video presentation of the vision was shared with Christians from all sectors of the metro at a “Praying For the City” gathering at the Feather Market Centre on Sunday (December 9).

The video, narrated by Pastor Afrika Mhlophe, says the city’s problems are like those that Nehemiah faced (Nehemiah 2:15-18) and can be turned around by united Christian action.

View the video presentation:

The vision came about through a process in which church leaders representative of the Body of Christ in NMB have invested time in praying together and building relationships.

Church unity is identified as the foundation of the proposed Nehemiah wall to be built around the city. The first layer of bricks is the metro’s 60 municipal wards. The next eight are the domains of church, business, education, government and NGOs, family,media and communication, arts and entertainment, and sport. Finally, the walled city is to be covered by a canopy of prayer.

The video presentation spells out a strategy for turning the vision into a reality by appointing a ‘person of peace’ in each ward to mobilise united action involving all churches and every person in the city. The vision will be driven by a Nehemiah Network comprising 60 ‘people of peace’ and a further 480 ‘people of peace’ across each domain in the 60 wards.

Deputy Executive Mayor, Nancy Sihlwayi addressing the prayer gathering.

Echoing the vision’s call for the destruction of the sacred/secular divide in the minds of Christians, Pastor Neville Goldman, who addressed the prayer gathering, repeatedly said it was ‘time for the church to move out of the building’ and participate in providing solutions to everyday community needs.

Deputy Executive Mayor, Nancy Sihlwayi, told the gathering that she welcomed church initiatives to contribute to the restoration of the city. She apologised for poor service delivery by the municipality as a result of “many personal agendas”.

During Sunday’s event those present participated in a time of prayer for each of the key domains.


  1. May this be the first seed that will result in all other cities/municipalities/provinces coming up with Kingdom vision’s. This is how a nation will be transformed!! Congratulations Nelson Mandela Bay.

  2. What are the latest developments regarding the rebuilding of the Walls of our city.

    Without laying the foundation stones of 1.confession and repentance of our sins and 2. faith/confidence/trust in God as required by His Word, nothing will happen.

    The revival that the city of PE is looking for will be in direct proportion to the extent that its citizens and leaders are prepared to repent/stop sinning.

    To the political and especially the Christian leaders of the city I wish to point out that God will only pour out His blessing upon this city if there is unity and from the bits and pieces of information that I have heard there seems to be room for improvement in this area.

    • John, in the city there are many Christians from primary school kids from different schools who unite on prayer walks, to young people from all sectors of the community and many church flows who regularly pray and worship together in citywide Burn 24/7 gatherings, to intercessory prayer groups that cross many boundaries and include ordinary folk, policemen, government officials, teachers, businessmen, church leaders, etc etc. Best way to find out what is happening is to join any or all of them: you would be most welcome. For more info on the Nehemiah Vision for the city and on prayer networks you will find info/contact on

  3. The revival that the city of PE is looking for will be in direct proportion to the extent that its citizens and leaders are prepared to repent/stop sinning.